24th Jan 1711-12

Mortgage by William JUPP senr of Cockfield (sic) and William JUPP jjunr.,only son and heir apparent of the said William JUPP senr., by direction of Henry ISTED of Cockfield, yeoman, to Walter GATLAND of Cockfield, yeoman, and Walter BURT of Cockfield, tanner of a messuage, garden &c. and a little shop standing on the premises containing half ac. in Ifield near the town of Crawley, theretofore in the occupation of the widow Hopkin and then of Wm VEALE, abutting to the highway from Crawley towards Worth, N. lands of John BELLCHAMBER, E and John COLLINS, S

Also of a messuage with stables, garden &c. and a plot of ground in the borough of Crawley in the parish of Ifield theretofore in the occupation of John TURKE and then of Thomas DENDY and Wm LISNEY to lands theretofor of Wm BRISTOW of Crawley, gent, N., the house late of Thos HAMPSON, S, the highway from Slaugham to London E., as a security against all loss and damage and expenses and the payment of principal and interest under an obligation dated 31st March 1709 whereby the said Walter GATLING, Walter BURT and Wm JUPP senr. at the instance of the said Henry ISTED became bound to Timothy BURRELL of Cocksfield (sic) esq., for payment of 102. The said premises being vested in Wm JUPP senr., and Wm JUPP jnr. as trustees for the said Henry ISTED in puruance of a deed dated 10th April then last past between Samuel STANDEN of Bolney, butcher, Thomas STANDEN of Bolney, yeoman & Timothy his wife, the said Henry ISTED and Angell his wife of the first part, the said W. JUPP senr and W. JUPP jnr of the second part and Daniel BEARD of Rottingdean, yeoman, of the third part, being a deed to lead the use of a Fine of the premises.


W. JUPP senr.,
W. JUPP jnr.,
and sealed.