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Whittaker...Whittle 1808...Whittle 1884 ...Wilkins...Wilkinson...Willmot...Zwickler

Coat of Arms supplied by 302 Benjamin John Green

Earlier names are rare, but the will of William Grene of Lindsey, dated 1461 may be seen here. In addition there are letters of administration granted to John Grene of Lindsey in 1461 in respect of a John Grene of Chelsworth.
Both the 1524 and 1568 Subsidy returns list William Green and Hewe Green in Lindsey
No direct link to any of these is currently known, but they are probably of our family.

The link back to Joseph and Elizabeth Green represents a substantial breakthrough, previous assumptions having traced the tree back to Whatfield in 1570. This research can be seen here, and remains an outside possibility.

Kersey - an oil painting by my father, E C Green


1 John BANKS m Susanna abt 1661

Note: John was assessed as having three hearths in 1673 for the Hearth tax of that year. The will of John BANKES of Lindsey includes 7 acres of land in Lindsey "which I purchased of William GRENE of Church Street, Lindsey, late deceased"

Children of John and Susannah
2......John Banks bap 6 Apr 1662 Lindsey
3......Jane Banks bap 18 Oct 1663 Lindsey
4......Thomas Banks bap 4 Feb 1665 Lindsey
5......Susanna Banks bap 17 May 1668 Lindsey
Joseph Banks bap 15 Mar 1673 Lindsey
7......Jane Banks bap 8 Jul 1676 Lindsey


6 Joseph BANKS m Rachel bef 1703

Children of Joseph and Rachel
8......Joseph Banks bap 16 Jan 1703 Nayland
9.......John Banks bap 13 Oct 1707 Nayland
10....Rachel Banks bap 5 Apr 1711 Nayland


11 Joseph GREEN m Bridgett bef 1745

Note: A Joseph Green was buried in Wissington on 9 Mar 1755, which seems likely to have been Joseph above, although it may be Joseph's father. You can see a picture of Wissington Church here

Child of Joseph and Bridgett
12......Joseph Green bap 17 Jul 1745 Wissington bur 3 Aug 1814 Semer age 69
13......Anne Green bap 10 May 1747 Wissington
14.......Mary Green bap 28 Mar 1749 Wissington
15......Elisabeth Green bap 17 Jun 1751 Wissington
16.....John Green bap 25 Feb 1753 Wissington

9 John BANKS m Margaret WARREN by banns 17 Feb 1739

Child of John and Margaret
17......Elizabeth Banks b abt 1746 bur 21 Mar 1833 Semer


12 Joseph GREEN bn abt 1745 d 1814 Semer bur 3 Aug 1814 Semer m 17 Elizabeth BANKS (b abt 1746 bur 21 Mar 1833 Semer aged 86) 5 Oct 1766 Nayland, Suffolk

Note: Both were of Nayland parish and the witnesses were James HAMMANT and Mary GRAY. Elizabeth was the daughter of John BANKS and Margaret WARREN who married 17 Feb 1740 Nayland. Banns were read on 14th, 21st and 18th September 1766. Joseph signed and Elizabeth made her mark. Joseph and Elizabeth were my 4 x great grandparents. You can see a picture of Nayland Church here

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth.
18......Anne Green bap 23 Jan 1768 Kersey m James GRIMSEY 13 Apr 1789 Semer
19......Joseph Green bap 10 Oct 1769 Kersey
John Green bap 1 Sep 1771 Kersey bur 1 Jan 1856 Semer
21......William Green bap 26 Sep 1773 Kersey bur 23 Jun 1856 Semer aged 84
22......Elizabeth Green bap 2 Feb 1777 Semer d Dec 1845 Groton aged 68 bur 20 Dec 1845 Groton
23......Mary Green bap 9 May 1779 Semer
24......Sarah Green bap 30 Sep 1781 Semer bur 20 Jul 1797 Semer aged 15
25......Robert Green bap 7 Dec 1783 Semer d Sep 1861 Semer aged 78
26......James Green bap 26 Mar 1786 Semer bur 17 Nov 1864 Whatfield aged 80
27......Hannah Green bap 26 Jul 1790 Semer


See a picture of Semer Church in 2006 here

20 John GREEN m Mary FINCH (b 1773 Whatfield d 1851 Semer) 5 Mar 1797 All Saints Church Semer

Note: John was a labourer. Witnesses to the marriage were Willam WATSON and John THURSTON
There is a record of Mary Finch having an illegitimate child John FINCH bap 25 Aug 1793 Semer. Mary was the daughter of James FINCH and Briget CARTER

Children of John and Mary
28......Mary Green bap 18 Jun 1797 Semer
Note: a "Mary Green" is recorded in the parish register in two adjacent entries. In the first she married John CLARKE 8 Jan 1819 Semer and in the second she married Robert WRIGHT 23 Nov 1819 Semer. The entry for the first shows John and Mary Green as witnesses.The second shows a Dinah RAMPLIN as a witness together with William KNIGHT and because of this link to the Ramplin family have assumed that Robert Wright was this Mary's husband. She is described in both entries as a single woman
29......Robert Green bap 20 Jan 1799 Semer bur 25 Jul 1824 aged 25
30......Elizabeth Green bap 8 Feb 1801 Semer
31......William Green bap 12 Dec 1802 Semer d 1880 bur at Independent Meeting House, Boxford
32......Hannah Green bap 7 Apr 1805 Semer d 1860 Cosford RD m John QUINTON of Boxford 16 May 1827 Semer All Saints Church
Note: Hannah is recorded after her marriage but as a single woman, as having an illegitimate child 33......Sarah Quinton Green bap 17 Jun 1827 Semer
Susan Green bap 13 Dec 1807 Semer m Robert BRADSTREET 29 Oct 1826 Semer

35......James Green bap 31 May 1812 Semer
36......Henry Green bap 3 Jul 1814 Semer
37......Mileson Green bap 3 May 1818 Semer bur 12 May 1818 Semer

21 William GREEN m Ann VINCE (b 1775 bur 5 Sep 1826 Semer aged 51) 12 Oct 1785 Semer

Note: witness was Joseph Green. Was this father or brother? In 1841 William was in Cosford Union workhouse.

Children of William and Ann
38......John Green bap 3 Jan 1796 Semer bur 27 Dec 1863 Hitcham
Note: . John was a labourer between 1827 and 1834 in Hitcham.He was a publican between 1836 and 1843 in Hitcham and was an inn keeper in 1841 in Hitcham
39......William Green bap 25 Dec 1798 Semer
40......James Green bap 12 Apr 1801 Semer
41......Hannah Green bap 2 Apr 1803 Semer
42......Sarah Green bap 21 Apr 1805 Semer
43......Susan Green b 1809 Semer
44......Robert Green bap 24 Jan 1809 Semer m Sarah
Note: In 1851 Robert was a railway porter and lived with Sarah at Union Street, Ipswich. 48 Samuel lived with them
45......Joseph Green bap 16 May 1813 Semer
46......Charles Green bap 29 Sep 1815 Semer d 1901
47......Jane Green bap 8 Jun 1817 Semer
48......Samuel Green bap 26 Jul 1819 Semer

22 Elizabeth GREEN m (a) James ELMER (b 1799 Boxford d May 1826 Boxford aged 47) 8 Sep 1799 St Mary's Church Boxford (b) Samuel STEVENS (Wid bap 13 Feb 1785 Groton bur 19 Feb 1861 Groton) 21 Jan 1831 St Bartholomew's Church, Groton

Note: Elizabeth was the mother of a base born child

Child of Elizabeth and unknown

49......Susan Green bap 22 May 1796 Semer d 9 May 1854 at 9 Brunswick Road, Bromley, London
Note: Cause of death for Susan was Phthisis (TB)

Note: Witnesses to the marriage of James and Elizabeth were James ELMER and James KING James was the son of John ELMER and Ann ALWARD. Samuel was the son of John STEPHENS and Ann GRIGGS and seems to have had a varied career. In 1814 he was described as an Innkeeper, two years later as a blacksmith and in 1819 as a victualler. Witnesses to the marriage were Mary STEPHENS and John SMITH In 1841 she was living in Groton Street, Groton with her husband Samuel and his son Samuel aged 25.

Children of James and Elizabeth.
50......John Green Elmer b 3 Mar 1800 Boxford
51......Elizabeth Elmer b 19 Apr 1802 Boxford bap 6 Jun 1802 Boxford m George SCOWEN 25 Mar 1823 St Marys Church, Boxford
Note: witnesses to the wedding were William Scowen and T G Elmer
52......Mary Ann Elmer b 12 Sep 1804 Boxford bap 23 Sep 1804 Boxford
53......Robert Elmer b 26 Feb 1808 Boxford bap 18 Apr 1808 bur 28 Jan 1810 aged 2

23 Mary GREEN m William GARDINER 17 Sep 1818 Semer

Note: William was a labourer

Child of William and Mary
54......William Gardiner bap 23 Sep 1818 Semer

25 Robert GREEN m Mary NICE (b 1791 Hintlesham) 27 Dec 1805 Semer

Note: In 1851 Robert was an ag lab. In 1861 Robert and Mary were living at Gate Farm, Semer and were in receipt of parochial relief

Children of Robert and Mary
55......Robert Green b 1813 Hadleigh
56......John Green b 1818 Hadleigh d Jul 1889 Semer aged 71
57......Sarah Green bap 10 Apr 1821 Semer d 1896 Semer aged 75 m John HAMMOND ( b 1814 Chelsworth d 1888 Semer aged 74)
Note: John HAMMOND was the son of John HAMMENT and Mary DRIVER, who witnessed the marriage of Sarah's parents, Joseph and Elizabeth
58......Nathaniel Green bap 2 Nov 1823 Semer d 1884 Olney
59......William Green bap 29 Mar 1829 Semer m Mary (b 1831 Elmsett
Note: In 1851 William was an ag lab and in 1891 he was a retired farm labourer living with Mary at Palestine Cottage, Bloomfield Street, St Margaret, Ipswich
60......Susannah Green bap 3 Feb 1833 Semer d 1894 Lindsey m George GOYMOUR
Note: See the Hammond branch here

26 James GREEN m Sarah RAMPLIN 28 Jun 1808 Whatfield by banns (see Ramplin branch)

Note: Witnesses to the wedding were Deborah RAMPLIN and John WHITTLE
James and Sarah were living at Almshouse Road, Naughton in 1841, 1851 and in 1861.
The parish register records in 1854 that James was living in the parish of Naughton and that there were two in the family. James was a labourer.

Children of James and Sarah
61......John Green bap 9 Sep 1808 Aldham (gave age as 41 in 1851 census) d 2nd qr 1894
62......James Green bap 23 May 1813 Capel St Mary
63......Mary Ann Green bap 22 Sep 1815 Capel St Mary
Note: Witnesses were Robert GREEN and Caroline GREEN. John was a labourer
64......Robert Green bap 10 Aug 1817 Capel St Mary
Note: Robert was an ag lab in 1841 living with his parents.
65......Susan Green bap 19 Sep 1819
66......Joseph Green bap 22 Dec 1822 Naughton bur 6 Dec 1833 Naughton aged 12
67......Hannah Green bap 7 Sep 1826 Naughton
68......William Green bap 28 Jun 1829 Naughton m Pheobe BROWN (b Bricet) 3rd qr 1847 [Cosford 12 507]
Note: In 1861 William was an ag lab in Nedging Tye. In 1871 he an ag lab and Pheobe were in Lt Waldringfield and in 1881 they were in Boxford Lane, Boxford, William still an ag lab
69......Susan Green b abt 1832

27 Hannah GREEN m Thomas GARDINER ( bap 10 Jan 1784 Hadleigh Hamlet [Boxford] bur 3 May 1842 St Mary's Church Boxford aged 58) 8 Nov 1810 All Saints Church Semer

Note: Thomas was a husbandman and an ag lab. In 1841 they were living at Wickhurst Green, Boxford, but after Thomas' death Hannah moved to Hadleigh Hamlet. In 1851 she had a grandson, Thomas RANSON aged 10 staying with her

Children of Thomas and Hannah
70......Susan Gardiner b 12 Jul 1812 Hadleigh Hamlet bap 12 Jul 1812 Boxford
71......Elizabeth Gardiner bap 4 Nov 1814 Boxford
72......Thomas Gardiner bap 27 Apr 1817 Boxford m Maria
73......William Gardiner bap 26 Dec 1819 Boxford bur 3 Mar 1878 Boxford
74......Anna Maria Gardiner bap 24 Mar 1842 Boxford
75......John Gardiner bap 12 Dec 1824 Boxford
76......George Green Gardiner b 26 Mar 1828 m Sarah Ann RICE (bap 14 Jul 1833 St Bartholomew Groton) 24 Dec 1853 Groton
Note: George was an ag lab
Joseph Tillot Gardiner b 1831 Hadleigh Hamlet
78......Rebecca Gardiner b bap 23 Apr 1833
Note: Rebecca was a domestic servant in 1851


28 Mary GREEN m Robert WRIGHT (labourer) 23 Nov 1819 Semer

Children of Robert and Mary
79......Jane Wright b abt 1830
Note: There were two other children of this union. Jane married another Robert WRIGHT 28 Mar 1853. This Robert was born c1828 in Norwood, Surrey, the son of Thomas and Elizabeth WRIGHT.
Robert and Jane WRIGHT had two sons and two daughters, including Alfred WRIGHT, born c1857 in Norwood, Surrey. Alfred WRIGHT married Ann PARKS 15/02/1886 in Southwark, Surrey. Alfred and Ann had eight children , including the eldest Thomas WRIGHT, who was a twin to brother Alfred, born 10/07/1886, in Norwood, Surrey. Thomas WRIGHT married Martha Maude CRUNDWELL in January, 1910 and they had one daughter, Winifred WRIGHT born 24/12/1910 (who is still alive). Winifred WRIGHT married Harold BARFIELD 14/08/1937 and they had two sons, the youngest Brian BARFIELD born 15/11/1947, who married Rita

29 Robert GREEN m Mary (b 1807 Hintlesham)

Note: Robert was a labourer, living in 1841 with his family at "Hall" Semer. Also there was 25 Robert and Pheobe, his bride of a week

Children of Robert and Mary
80......Nathaniel Green bap 2 Nov 1823 Semer m Harriet CRICK 9 Apr 1847 Semer
Sarah Green bap 18 Apr 1821 Semer bur 3 Feb 1896 Semer [stated age 74] m John HAMMOND 21 Mar 1839 Lindsey (see Hammond branch here)
82......William Green bap 29 Mar 1829 Semer
83......Susannah Green bap 3 Feb 1833 Semer

31 William GREEN m Sarah WEBB (b 10 Oct 1799 Bildeston bap 21 Jun 1801 Bildeston bur 5 Nov 1885 aged 86) 28 Nov 1823 All Saints Church, Semer

Note: William was an ag lab in 1823 and in 1841 he was a "bullman" on a farm at Kersey. In 1851 he had his own farm and 35 acres at Salvetree farm (burnt down in 1921) He retired to Hadleigh after 1851 and then to East Bergholt. He and Sarah were buried near the North Door of Edwardstone/Groton Independent Chapel
Sarah was the daughter of Thomas WEBB and Sarah PEARTREE In 1881 she was an annuitant living at Farmhouse, Woodland Road Raydon

Children of William and Sarah
84......William Green bap 16 Jan 1824 d 1830 aged 6
85......Maria Green bap 19 Jan 1825 Kersey bur 20 Feb 1825 Kersey aged one month
86......Sarah Green bap 29 Nov 1825 Kersey d 1870 aged 45
87......Jane Green bap 16 Feb 1828 Kersey d Feb 1913 Stanway, Essex aged 85
88......William Green b 24 Sep 1830 Hadleigh bap 8 Jun 1831 Hadleigh d 3 Mar 1909 aged 79
89......Walter Green bap 6 Mar 1833 Hadleigh d 13 Feb 1865 aged 31
Note: He was a farmer at Salvetree farm, Polstead in 1851. Buried at Independent Chapel, Boxford, Suffolk. Cause of death: epileptic fit.
90......Harriet Green bap 6 Feb 1836 Kersey d 6 Feb 1868 aged 32
91......Anna Green bap 15 Jan 1838 Kersey
92......Ellen Green b 1841 bap 24 Jun 1842 d 4 Aug 1849

35 Susan GREEN m Robert BRADSTREET (b 1805 Whatfield d 2nd qr 1873 Colchester) 29 Oct 1826 Semer

Children of Robert and Susan
35b......Eliza Bradstreet dob unknown
35c......Samuel Bradstreet b 1827 Whatfield d 1898 Semer m Mary RANSON 13 May 1856 Semer
35d......William Bradstreet b 1831 Semer
35e......Maria Bradstreet b 1841 Semer

35 James GREEN m Sarah CLARKE (b abt 1803 Shottenden Essex) 17 Dec 1835 All Saints' Church Semer.

Note: The family was living at the Lodge, Semer in 1841, but by 1861 they had moved to Butts Road, St Giles, Colchester where James was a groom

Children of James and Sarah
93......James Green bap 23 Sep 1838 All Saints Church, Semer
Note: James was a widower in 1891 and a labourer in chemical works living at Church Green, Bramford as a boarder with George DEDMAN
94......Henry Green bap 27 Mar 1842 All Saints Church, Semer bur 27 Apr 1842 All Saints Church, Semer aged 3 months
95....Sarah Green b 1843 Colchester
96....John Green b 1846 Colchester
Note: John was a coachmakers apprentice in 1861

38 John GREEN m Sarah REYNOLDS (b 25 Oct 1803 Hitcham bur 6 Mar 1870 Hitcham) 18 Apr 1824 Nedging

Note: In 1829 John was a labourer in Hitcham and in 1837 and 1841 he was a publican in Hitcham. In 1861 he is recorded as a timber carter in Hitcham

Children of John and Sarah
97......William Green bap 25 Jul 1824 Nedging
98......Samuel Green b 29 May 1827 Hitcham bur 9 Aug 1857 Hitcham
99......Hannah Green b 11 Jan 1830 Hitcham
100....Charles Green b 26 May 1832 Hitcham bap 7 Apr 1833 Hitcham
101.....Sarah Eunice Green b 8 Apr 1834 Hitcham d 18 Apr 1875 Bildeston bur 21 Apr 1875 Bildeston
102.....Mary Green b 27 Jul 1836 Hitcham
103.....Robert Green bap 19 May 1839 Hitcham
104.....James Green b 1 Jun 1841 bap 25 Oct 1841 Hitcham
105.....Eliza Green b 9 Nov 1842 Hitcham d 13 Sep 1913 Bildeston

46 Charles GREEN m Susan GLADDEN (b 1814 Kersey bur 1874 Semer) 20 Apr 1838 Lindsey

Susan was the daughter of John and Sarah GLADDEN. Charles was an ag lab in 1841. In 1861 he was a "Cow Keeper" on 3 acres of grassland in Semer and a dealer in "Cast irons".In 1881 he was a farm bailiff. In 1891 he was living as a widower at 6 Hadleigh Road, Semer and had a housekeeper, Mary PRYKE b 1815 Bricett.

Children of Charles and Susan
106......William Green b 1838
107......Sarah Green bap 1840 Kersey d 1886
Note: In 1861 Sarah was a house servant at the Hall, Church Lane, Altham
108......Charles Millson Mills Green bap 1841 Kersey
Note: Charles was a blacksmith in 1861 living in Semer with his parents
109......Mary Ann Green bap 1843 Kersey
Note: In 1861 Mary Ann was a house servant at Friars Farm, Bridge Street, Hadleigh
110......Hannah Green bap 19 Oct 1845 Semer d 1847 Semer
111......Susan Green b 1846 Semer
Note: In 1861 Susan was a house servant at Preston Row, Lavenham Rd, Preston, Sfk
112......James Green bap 22 Jul 1848 Semer d bef 1911
Note: James was an ag lab in 1861 living with his parents
113......Jane Green b 1850
114......John Green b 1853 Semer bap 23 Sep 1855 Semer d 1881 Semer
115......Samuel Green b 1855 Semer bap 23 Sep 1855 Semer
116......William Arthur Green bap 25 Oct 1857 Semer d 1859 Semer

49 Susan GREEN m John GARDINER (b 1794 Boxford d 26 Jan 1865 aged 71 7 Queen's Terrace, Milwall, London) 24 Jan 1821 All Saints Church, Semer by licence

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were John Green ELMER, Elizabeth ELMER and Margaret GARDINER. John was a maltster in 1821 - 5 and a farmer in 1827. In 1841 they were at Butchers Lane, Boxford. The 1851 census shows him as a labourer maltster living at Plaistow Marsh and in 1861 as a retired farmer he was living at 7 Queen's Terrace, Milwall, London, with daughter Susannah and her husband. He died of chronic bronchitis.

Children of John and Susan
117......Margaret Gardiner bap 24 Dec 1821 Groton privately bur 7 Jan 1822 St Bartholomew's Church Groton
118......Emmaline Gardiner bap 16 Mar 1823 Groton Rec'd into church 4 Feb 1825 St Bartholomew's Church, Groton m Samuel SMITH 25 Oct 1845 St Mary the Virgin, Bramford
Note: in 1841 Emmaline was living at Butcher's Lane, Boxford. Witnesses to the marriage were William SMITH and Margaret GARDINER. Samuel was a maltster
Susannah Gardiner b 7 Apr 1825 Groton bap [private] 18 Apr 1825 Groton d 19 Jul 1905 692 Barking Road, Plaistow West Ham, a widow aged 80
Note: In 1841 and 1851 she was living at The Street, Bramford. In 1861 she was at 7 Queens Terrace, Milwall and in 1881 at 545 Manchester Road, Milwall. She died of cardiac syndrome and acute meningitis.
120......Margaret Gardiner bap 27 May 1827 Groton
Note: In 1841 Margaret was at Butchers Lane Boxford
121......John Gardiner b 1829 Hadleigh Hamlet bap 26 Nov 1829 St Mary's Boxford
122......Thomas Gardiner b 1834 Hadleigh Hamlet bap 25 Dec 1834 Boxford
Note: In 1841 he was at Butchers Lane, Boxford,and in 1851 Plaistow Marsh, West Ham, London.1881 saw him as an ag lab living at 1 Castling Heath, Groton, Suffolk
123......Dorcus Gardiner (male) bap 3 Jan 1833 Boxford bur 29 Jan 1833 aged 3 months
124......William Gardiner bap 30 Jun 1837 Boxford
125......Dorcus Gardiner (male) bap 21 Jun 1840 Boxford bur 15 Oct 1845 Boxford

50 John Green ELMER m Susannah BATEMAN (b 1803 Hadleigh) 27 Mar 1826 St Mary's Church, Hadleigh

Children of John and Susannah
126......John George Elmer bap 20 Aug 1828 Hadleigh
127......Susannah Mary Elmer b 1830 Hadleigh bur 14 Mar 1831 Hadleigh
Note: The NBI spells her name Susanna

55 Robert GREEN m Mary Ann FINCH (bap 29 May 1816 George Street Baptist Hadleigh) 14 Oct 1839 All Saints' Church, Semer

Note: Mary Ann was the daughter of William FINCH and Susan LEMON. Robert was a labourer

Children of Robert and Mary Ann
128......Susan Ellen Green bap 29 Nov 1840 Kersey
129......Robert William Green bap 8 May 1842 Kersey
130......Samuel Green b 1844 Semer
Note: In 1861 Samuel was a stock boy on John Rush's farm at Semer

56 John GREEN m Pheobe GOSLING (bap 20 Dec 1818 Chelsworth) 31 May 1841 All Saints Church, Semer

Note: Pheobe was the daughter of Isaac GOSLING and Elizabeth STREET John was an ag lab living at Semer Gate Farm in 1861 and at Sayer's Farm in 1871 and 1872. In 1891 Sarah was still at Sayer's Farm, but "chargeable to the parish"

Children of John and Pheobe
131......John Green bap 25 May 1842 St Mary's Church Kersey
Note: John was a labourer
132......Henry Green bap 7 Apr 1844 St Mary's Church Kersey
Note: Henry was a labourer
133......Milleson Green bap 29 Mar 1846 St Mary's Church, Kersey d 8 Jan 1924 Semer
134......Alfred Green bap 21 May 1848 Semer
Note: in 1861 Alfred was a "backhouse boy" living at Semer Hall and employed by John Martin, a farmer
135......William Green bap 20 Jan 1856 Kersey
136......Caroline Elizabeth Green bap 15 Aug 1858 Semer d Apr 1887 Semer aged 28
Note: Caroline was a parlour maid in 1881

57 Sarah GREEN m John HAMMOND (bap 29 Sep 1814 Chelsworth d 1888 Semer) 21 May 1839 St Peter's Lindsey

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Stephen GREEN and Jane GREEN. John was described in 1881 as John Junior, and was the son of John HAMMENT and Mary DRIVER. In 1861 they were living at Lindsey Tye with John as an ag lab. In 1881 they were living at Watson's Hill, Semer. John, a farm worker, and Sarah were living at the western end of a cottage called Goslings in the Semer survey of 1870 - this burnt down in 1935.

See the Hammond branch here

Children of John and Sarah
137......John Hammond bap 7 Jun 1840 Lindsey Tye
7138......Lucy Harriot Hammond bap 12 Jun 1842 Lindsey Tye m Samuel ALDERTON
139......William Hammond bap 7 Jul 1844 Lindsey Tye m Sarah
Note: William was an ag lab in 1861
140......Nathaniel Hammond b 8 Mar 1851 Lindsey Tye bap 13 Apr 1851 Lindsey d 7 Mar 1920 Thamesford, Ontario, Canada aged 69 m (a) unknown (b) Charlotte Ann HOLLOCKS
141......Robert Hammond bap 2 Mar 1847 Lindsey Tye m Sarah Ann ALDERTON
142......Harriet Hammond b 11 Feb 1849 Lindsey Tye d 1924 aged 75 m Henry PRYKE
143......Walter George Hammond bap 18 Dec 1853 Lindsey Tye m Elizabeth GOODCHILD 4th qr 1873 [Ipswich.4a 61]
144......James Hammond bap 18 Apr 1856 Lindsey
145......Harry or Henry Hammond bap 26 Dec 1858 Lindsey Tye d 1917 aged 59 m Elizabeth Hannah GLEED 4th qr 1878 [Cosford 4a 573]
146......Mahala Hammond bap 14 Jul 1861 Lindsey bur 26 Oct 1884 Semer aged 26 m James PAYNE (b 1846 Semer d Sep 1932 Walnut Tree Hospital Sudbury) 22 Dec 1883 All Saints Church Semer

58 Nathaniel GREEN, m Harriet CRICK (b 1851 Ofton, Suffolk) 9 Apr 1847 Semer

Note Nathaniel was a farm bailiff in 1851 living at Olney Pastures

Children of Nathaniel and Harriet
58b......Sarah Ann Green b 1849 Olney
58c......Eliza Green b 1852 Olney
58d......William Robert Green b 1853 Olney
58e......Harry Green b abt 1855 Olney
58f......Elizabeth Green b abt 1857 Olney
58g......John Green b abt 1862 Olney

60 Susannah GREEN m George GOYMOUR (b 31 Mar 1824 Chelsworth d 1904 aged 80) 12 Nov 1853 Semer

Note: George was an ag lab in 1861 living at "Common" Chelsworth and 1881, living at Upper Canada, Lindsey. After Susannah died he married twice to unknown women

Children of George and Susannah
147......Charles Goymour b 12 Nov 1853 Upper Common Chelsworth bap 24 Dec 1854 d 1926 aged 72 m Matilda Ann HOLLOCKS 24 Nov 1876 Monks Eleigh
Note: Matilda was the sister of Charlotte HOLLOCKS
148......Mary Ann Goymour b 24 Dec 1856 Upper Common, Chelsworth bap 18 Jan 1857 All Saints Church, Chelsworth
149......George Goymour b 4 Sep 1859 Upper Common, Chelsworth bap 4 Sep 1859
Note: George was an ag lab in 1881 living at Upper Canada, Lindsey.
150......Ellen Goymour bap 8 Jun 1862 Chelsworth
Note: Ellen was working as cook to the Vicar of Leatheringham in 1881
151......Samuel Goymour b 3 Dec 1864 Chelsworth bap 1 Jan 1865 Chelsworth m (a) Elizabeth HINES 24 Jun 1894 Lindsey (b) Elizabeth SCHUTCHER (b 1870) abt 1910
Note: Samuel was an ag lab in 1881
152......Jane Goymour bap 14 Feb 1869 Chelsworth
153......Rosina Goymour bap 23 Jul 1871 Chelsworth
154......Martha Ann Goymour bap 31 May 1874 Chelsworth

63 Mary Ann GREEN m John BULL 29 Apr 1843 Naughton

Note: In 1841 and 1851 the family lived in East Bergholt and John was an ag lab.

Children of John and Mary Ann
63b......Ezekial Bull b 1844 Wetherden
63c......Seth Bull b 1846 Wetherden
63d......Anna Bull b 1848 Bricett
63e......David Bull b 1850 Wetherden
63f......Emma Bull b 1850 Wetherden
63g......John Bull b 1852 Bricett
63h......Winifred Bull b 1854
63i......James Bull b 1857 Bricett

Note: In this generation was a Benjamin GREEN who was making Carriages in Ash Street, Semer in 1839

55 Robert GREEN m Deborah RAMPLIN 10 Nov 1829 Semer - see RAMPLIN branch here

Note: Robert is described in the register as a "Jobber".

Children of Robert and Deborah
155......Jane Green bap 29 Dec 1829 Whatfield bur 20 Mar 1840 Semer
156......Harriet Green bap 16 Jun 1831 Whatfied
157......Susannah Green bap 26 May 1833 Whatfield
158......Eliza Green bap 7 Dec 1835 Whatfield
159......Elizabeth Green bap 8 Oct 1836 Semer
160....Robert Green bap 4 Oct 1838 Semer
161....Thomas William Green bap 26 Dec 1839 Semer d 1915 Sudbury
162....Walter Green bap 15 Mar 1843 Semer

56 John GREEN m Susannah CRISP (b 21 Dec 1811 Shelley, bap 19 Jan 1912 Shelley a.k.a.Susan d 3rd qr 1897 Raydon) 4 Aug 1833 Shelley (see Crisp branch)

Note: Witnesses to the wedding were Robert CRISP and John BENNEWORTH In 1841 they were living in Lower Street, Raydon; in 1851 in Raydon, in 1869 John was recorded as Farm Bailiff, then in 1871 in Stratford and from 1871 in Farm Cottage, Raydon

In 1841 and 1861 John was an ag lab but in 1871 and 1881 he was a farm bailiff. In the 1891 census he was a "Farm servant"
Children of John and Susan Green
163......Susan Green bap 12 Jan 1834 Shelley
164......Sarah Green b 31 Jul 1836 Raydon m Thomas LATTER (see Latter branch here)
Note: Sarah was a cook in 1861 living at Copdock Lane, Copdock. Elizabeth Latter was living with John and Susan in 1881
165......John Green b 3rd qr 1838 Raydon d 22 Oct 1845 Raydon
166......James Green b 6 Apr 1843 Raydon d 1901 farmer in Chattisham aged 58
167......Ann Green b 3 Sep 1845 Raydon bap 13 Sep 1846 Raydon m Robert DYE 16 Jun 1927 Freston
Note: Ann was a housemaid in 1861 at Dedham Hall, Dedham, living in
168......Anna Green bap 19 Nov 1848 Raydon d 15 Apr 1937 Ipswich
169......Elizabeth Green b 1st qr 1854 Raydon
170......John Green b 1st qr 1855 Raydon
170a....Jane Green b 1846 Semer
170b....Caroline Green b 1847 Semer
170c....William Green b 1849 Semer
170d....Dinah Green b 1853 Semer

64 Robert GREEN m m Caroline BULL (b abt 1822 Offton) 18 Feb 1842 [Bosmere 12 407]

Note: In 1851 Robert was an ag lab and the family was at Offton. In 1871 they were at Whatfield Lane, Naughton and Robert was a farmer of 4 acres of land

Children of Robert and Caroline
171......Robert Green b 3rd qr 1842 Offton [Bosmere 12 297] m Sarah SHEALVER 4th qr 1091 [Bosmere 4a 1091]
John Green b 1st qr 1844 Offton [Bosmere 12 345 or 348]
173......Caroline Green b 1st qr 1846 Offton [Bosmere 12 337]
174......Hannah Green b 4th qr 1857 Offton [Bosmere 4a 486]
175......Alice Elizabeth Green b 1st qr 1863 Offton [Bosmere 4a 572]

77 Joseph Tillot GARDINER m Emma RICE (b 1843 Groton) 25 Dec 1862 St Mary's Church Hadleigh

Note: Emma was the daughter of Cook RICE and Martha GANT

Child of Joseph and Emma
176......George Gardiner bap 9 Sep 1863 Hadleigh

177 Thomas LATTER b 1812 Brenchley, Kent alive in 1881 m Hannah EDMONDS (b 1815 Burgh [1851 census]) in Woodbridge before 1845 (See Latter Branch here)

Note: Thomas was a nursery man in Bramford near Ipswich, but in 1869 he was living in Ramsey, Essex and was a gardener.

Children of Thomas and Hannah Latter
178....Hannah Latter b 1840
179......Thomas Latter b 1842
180......Elizabeth Latter bap 19 Jan 1845 Melton d 1930 see Latter Branch here
181....Henry Latter b 1847 Bramford
182....Edward Latter b 1850 Bramford


86 Sarah GREEN m William GAME (b 1819 Edwardstone d 9 Nov 1872 Edwardstone) 27 Nov 1845 Congregational Church Hadleigh

Note: William was the son of James and Pheobe BIRD and had been married previously to Sarah Ann EMMERY 29 Oct 1840 Edwardstone with who he had a child: Charles James GAME, Soon after Sarah died he married Eleanor Eliza RATCLIFF 28 Sep 1870 Independant Chapel, Boxford
. In 1871 he was a farmer of 94 acres employing 3 man and 1 boy.

Children of William and Sarah, and was a farmer
183......John Andrew Game b 3 Nov 1846 Edwardstone
184......Sarah Pheobe Game b 1849 Edwardstone

87 Jane GREEN m George WATSON (b 1826 Hadleigh Hamlet, Boxford d 1893 Hintlesham aged 67) 1st qr 1850

Note: George was a carpenter - in 1881 they lived at Brookhall, Hadleigh. Jane moved when widowed to Stanway Essex, to be near her daughter. She was buried in St Albrights Churchyard - the stone was still there in 1951 but it was removed in '50s or '60s. She was alongside daughter & son-in-law. It is likely that Jane paid for or contributed towards her grandson Arthur G B Brown's apprenticeship with Beaumonts builders in Lexden.There is a potted family history for the Browns which you can see here

Child of George and Jane
185......Anna Louisa Watson dob unknown d Nov 1904 Stanway, Esex m Arthur BROWN (b 31 Oct 1856 bap 30 Nov 1856 Nacton d 5 Apr 1939 Stanway, Essex) 8 Dec 1877 Hadleigh registrar's office.

Note: Arthur after 4 years in a workhouse was raised by his aunt, Charlotte FARTHING. He worked first as a gardener, probably on the Orwell Park Estate with his cousin Harry FARTHING and in 1875 he joined the Suffolk Police Force. George and Jane Watson persuaded him to transfer to the Essex Police Force since they paid a shilling a week more! He was promoted to Sergeant in 1888 and to Inspector in 1901, retiring in June 1911. He remarried after Anna Louise died to Hester OSBORN.

Thanks to Kathryn REVELL for this information: you can contact her for more about the BROWN and MARJORAM families

88 William GREEN bap 24 Sep 1830 Hadleigh d 3 Mar 1909 aged 79 m Emma SIMPSON Nov 1853

Note: William was a farmer. In 1841 he was living at Barehouse Tye, Polstead He gave his age as 50 and born in Kersey. In 1851 he was a farmer at Stapleton's Farm, Polstead In 1891 there was a William (who was married to Mary A) , a retired ag lab, living at Palestine Cottage, Bloomfield Street, Ipswich [born in Semer] aged 62
Children of William and Emma
88b......Kate Emmaline Green b 1857 Boxford d 1912 Berkshire m Thadiack HERRIDGE
88c......Henry William Simpson Green b 1858 Boxford d 1907 Essex m Annie Elizabeth PALMER
88d......Laura Ellen Green m Frederick BIGGS 1887 Ardleigh, Essex
88e......Walter Green b 1862 Boxford d 1898 Dovercourt Essex
88f......Emma Green b 1867 Baumont, Essex
88g......William Green b 1869 Ardleigh, Essex
88h......Ada Hannah Green b 1871 Ardleigh d 1951 West Ham m John Hugh BLOIS 1897 Colchester
88i......Mahala Bloomfield Green b 1872 Ardleigh d 1937 Rochford, Essex m Frederick Henry BLAXHALL 1900
88j......John Albert B Green b 1873 Ardleigh d 1941 Colchester m Ellen COLE 1904 Tendring TD
88k......George Buen Green b 1876 Ardleigh d 1963 Colchester m Adeliza Elizabeth PITT 1902

49 Anna GREEN m Robert Thomas Smith ALDERTON (bap 27 Feb 1832 Walsham le Willows d 1895) about 1862

Note: Robert was the son of Charles ALDERTON and Sarah SMITH. In 1871 Robert was a farmer at Salvetre Farm, Polstead and in 1881 was at Farm House, Woodland Road, Raydon employing 6 men and one general household servant

Children of Robert and Anna
186......Anne Alderton b 4th qr 1862 Cockfield d 2nd qr 1914 Ipswich
187......Robert Frank Alderton b 1865 Cockfield d 2nd qr 1889 Samford RD
188......Arthur Alderton b 1867 Boxford d 1953 Bury St Edmunds m Margarite Brimley DAVIS 1894 Epping
Note: In 1891 Arthur was a farm steward
189......Barry Alderton b 1869 Polstead d 16 Jun 1944 Surrey Mid Eastern RD m Edith Gertrude BROOK 27 Feb 1899 Fulham
190......Ellen "Nellie" Alderton b 1872 Polstead d 1917 Ipswich
191......Kate Agnes Alderton b 1874 Raydon d 1951 Bury St Edmunds
192......William S Alderton b 1877 Raydon
193......Agnes Alderton b 1879 Raydon d 3rd qr 1964 Ipswich m Sarah LAST 4th qr 1900 Stow RD

97 William GREEN m Joanne Kenningale GRIMWOOD (Jeannack) (b 9 Aug 1830 bap 29 Sep 1832 Hitcham) 15 Dec 1848 Hitcham

Note: Joanne was the daughter of William GRIMWOOD and Martha MAKIN In 1849 William was a carrier at Bildeston, Suffolk. In 1854 William was a jobber at Hitcham, Suffolk. [Although there are several occupations with the curious name of jobber, it is most likely that William hired out carriages or horses]. William was a farmer at Hitcham, Suffolk, in 1861. In 1881 , William's occupation was recorded as cattle dealer. In 1891 census, William's occupation was recorded as butcher and dealer.

Children of William and Joanne
194......William Green b 8 Mar 1849 bap 27 May 1849 Bildeston m Annie PERRYMAN (b abt 1856 Colchester) 4th qr 1873 Colchester [Colchester 4a 582]
Note: Annie was the daughter of John and Elizabeth PERRYMAN. In 1871 William was a "cone keeper's assistant" and in 1881 he was a painter
195......Thomas Green b 6 Apr 1851 Hitcham bap 28 May 1854 Hitcham
195a....Joanna Kenningale Green b 21 DEc 1852 Hitcham d 17 Aug 1932 Ipswich
196......Frederick Green b 14 Mar 1854 Hitcham bap 28 May 1854 Hitcham
197......Harry Green b 14 Jan 1856 Hitcham bap 13 Apr 1856 Hitcham
198......Herbert George Green b 9 Oct 1857 Hitcham bap 27 Dec 1857 Hitcham bur 15 Jan 1858 Hitcham
199......Charles Herbert Green bap 7 Jul 1861 Hitcham (known as Herbert)
Note: Herbert was a cattle dealer in the census of 1881

98 Samuel GREEN m Harriet AUSTIN (b 26 Nov 1828 Hitcham bap 16 Aug 1829 Hitcham) 7 Aug 1849 Hitcham

Note: Hannah was the daughter of William AUSTIN and Hannah OFFORD. In 1850 Samuel was a labourer bricklayer. Harriet became a general shop keeper.

Children of Samuel and Harriet
200......Elizabeth Austen (Eliza) Green b abt 1850 m William Henry HYMUS (b 1853 Cambridge.) 30 Sep 1875 Hitcham

Note: In 1875 William was a miller at Hitcham and in 1891 he was a farmer and miller.
201......Arthur Green b 24 Aug 1850 Hitcham m Laura Elizabeth COLE (b 1854 Cambridgeshire) 4 Aug 1874 Hitcham.

99 Hannah GREEN m William SQUIRRELL (b 9 Mar 1828 bap 8 Jun 1828 Hitcham) 6 Oct 1848

Note: William was the son of Henry SQUIRRELL and Jemima LAST and was an ag Lab and a road labourer

Children of William and Hannah
202......Sarah Ann Squirrell b 20 Oct 1848 Hitcham bap 27 Oct 1848 Hitcham bur 5 Nov 1848 Hitcham
203......Charles Squirrell b 14 Oct 1849 Hitcham bap 30 Jun 1850 Hitcham d 1934 Paris m Mahala TAYLOR 3 Oct 1875 Bildeston
Note: Mahala was the daughter of Joseph TAYLOR and Sophia BARNES. After their marriage they moved to Paris, France
204......Emily Elizabeth Squirrell b 8 Oct 1851 Hitcham bap 30 May 1852 Hitcham
205......Harriet Squirrell b 26 Nov 1853 Hitcham bap bap 29 Jan 1854 Hitcham
206......Mary Squirrell b 18 Mar 1855 Hitcham bap 27 Aug 1856 Hitcham
207......William Squirrell b 21 Sep 1856 Hitcham bap 31 May 1857 Hitcham d 1931 m Caroline RAMPLIN (bap 27 May 1866 Hadleigh d 5 Sep 1947 aged 81) 23 Apr 1844 Hadleigh
Note: William was a farmer
208......Eliza Squirrell b 18 June 1858 Hitcham bap 28 Aug 1859 Hitcham bur 7 May 1871 Hitcham
209......Robert Squirrell b 4 Apr 1860 Hitcham bap 29 Dec 1861 Hitcham
Note: In 1881 Robert was a groom
210......Betsey Squirrell b 1862 m Richard George WILKINS 1900 Romford, Essex
211......George Squirrell b 1867 Hitcham d m Elizabeth BEER (b abt 1873 d 1937) 3 Mar 1895 St Mary's Church, Lambeth
212......Alice Elizabeth Squirrell b 1874 Hitcham bap 28 Oct 1887 Hitcham m Richard ATKINS (b abt 1867 Lambeth) 1896 Lambeth
Note: In 1901 Richard was a commercial clerk

101 Sarah Eunice GREEN m Robert BULL (b 8 Oct 1825 Hitcham bap 13 Nov 1825 Hitcham d 5 Aug 1903 aged 77) 21 Aug 1851 Hitcham

Note: Robert was the son of John BULL and Ann WELHAM. At the time of the April 7, 1861 census, Robert's occupation was recorded as blacksmith employing one boy. Robert was a rat-catcher. At various times in his life he showed varying occupations (blacksmith, labourer and gardener), but throughout he was a rat-catcher, like his father before him. At the time of the April 3, 1881 census, Robert's occupation was recorded as vermin killer and gardener. In 1891 he was a general shop and seed man, and in 1891 he was living at High Street, Needham Market. In 1901 he was a market gardener at Uplandes, Bures St Mary

Children of Robert and Sarah
213......William Bull b 24 Sep 1852 Hitcham d 19 Feb 1872 aged 19
214......Susannah Lavinia Bull b 7 Feb 1854 bap 16 Jul 1854 d 29 Sep 1854
215......Sarah Ann Bull b 19 May 1855 Wix, Essex m Frederick (Fred) GIRT (b 27 Feb 1858 Kettlebaston bap 8 Aug 1858 d Mar 1886 bur 30 Mar 1886 Bildeston) 25 Dec 1876 Bildeston
Note: In 1871 Sarah was a dairy maid. In 1881 they were living at Hadleigh Street, Bildeston, where Frederick was an ag lab.After she was widowed, she became partnered with Walter GIRT, Frederick's brother.
216......Susannah Bull b 4 Dec 1856 Wix d 29 Sep 1857
217......Louisa Bull b 25 Mar 1858 Wix d 1951
218......Susannah Maria (Annie) Bull b 12 Oct 1859 d 31 Oct 1917 aged 58 bur Woodgrange Park cemetery Essex m William James SAYERS (b 30 Jun 1859 Stoke Newington, Essex d 4 Sep 1932 aged 73 bur Woodgrange Park cemetery Essex ) 28 Jan 1884 West Hackney Mdx.
Note: In 1881 William, the son of Thomas SAYERS and Maria CLARKE was a painter and car washer. In 1891 he was a horsekeeper/groom and in 1901 he was a horsekeeper tram stables. In 1918 he was at 128 Sidmouth Road, Leyton, Essex
219......Charles Robert Bull b 14 Mar 1861 Hitcham m Elizabeth ELLISTON (b abt 1864) 9 Jan 1889 Bildeston
Note: In 1881 Charles was a plumber and glazier, and in 1891 a painter and glazier Elizabeth was the daughter of Frederick ELLISTON
220......Alice Jane Bull b 17 Oct 1862 Hitcham bap 9 Nov 1862 m Rodolphe Frederic MEGROZ (b abt 1855 Switzerland d Jun 1899) 4th qr 1890 St George, Hanover Square London
Note: In the 1891 census, Rodolphe was a valet/domestic servant serving Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and Avondale. Prince Albert, who was second in line to the throne of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland at the time, was visiting John Menzies with other army majors and captains. In 1901 Alice was the head of the household at 12 Winchden Terrace, Dover, Kent, together with Rose Elise Megroz, Alice Beatrice Megroz, and Louisa Alice Sayers. At the time of the March 31, 1901 census, Alice's occupation was recorded as stewardess on Channel boat.
221......Herbert George Bull b 21 Aug 1864 Barking, Sfk m Susan Jane LODGE 3rd qr 1894 [Wandsworth 1d 996]
Note: Herbert was a late prison warder in 1901 and late commissioner at the Temple, London.
222......Denis John Bull b 198 Mar 1866 Barking m Mary Ann WELLS 4th qr 1892 Bosmere district
In 1881 Denis was a farm labourer and in 1901 a gardener domestic. Later he had his own pub in Bury St Edmunds
223......Elisbeth Ann Bull b 14 Aug 1868 Bildeston bap 3 Sep 1868 Bildeston d 18 Aug 1910 aged 42 m William LANE 2nd qr 1893 Chelsea [Chelsea 1a 619]
224......Harry James Bull b 26 Feb 1870 Bildeston bap 5 Jun 1879 m Alice Eunice PENFOLD 2nd qr 1893 [Paddington 1a 139]
225......Albert William Bull b 23 Jan 1872 Bildeston bap 25 Jan 1872 Bildeston
226......Ernest Bull stillborn 23 Jan 1872 Bildeston

102 Mary GREEN m William ROSIER 20 Nov 1857 Hitcham

Child of Mary and unknown partner
227......Jane Green b 5 Jun 1854 Hitcham bap 29 Oct 1854 Hitcham

Children of William and Mary
228......Elizabeth Rosier b 30 Sep 1858 Hitcham bap 29 May 1859 Hitcham
Note: In the 1881 census Elizabeth was a cook
229......Mary Rosier b abt 1865
230......Frederick Rosier b abt 1870
231......Sarah Rosier b abt 1872
Note: Sarah was a dressmaker in 1901

105 Eliza GREEN m Joseph TAYLOR (b 1857 Rayleigh Essex d 21 Jan 1924 Bildeston bur 24 Jan 1924 Bildeston) 19 Oct 1867 Bildeston

Note: Joseph was the son of Joseph TAYLOR and Sophia BARNES. In 1881 Joseph was an ag lab

Children of Joseph and Eliza
232......William Taylor bap 5 Apr 1868 Bildeston d 26 Apr 1944 Bildeston aged 76 m Emma BRAYBROOKE ( b 1870 Clare d 19 Aug 1960 Bildeston) 23 Sep 1889 Hitcham
Note: In 1881 William was a coco matting weaver and in 1891 he was an ag lab. In 1901 he was a traction engine driver (employer) and in 1912 he was listed as a threshing machine proprietor
233......Jane Taylor b 2nd qr 1869 [Cosford 4a 442] bap 19 Oct 1879 Bildeston
234......Thomas Taylor b 2nd qr 1870 [Cosford 4a 482] bap (private) 12 Jun 1872 Bildeston, and again on 19 Oct 1979 m Lilian Elvina SOUTHWELL 1st qr 1898 Brandon [Thetford 4b 525]
235......James Taylor b 2nd qr 1873 [Cosford 4a 496] bap 19 Aug 1879 Bildeston m Emma RUFFELL 18 Mar 1897 Bildeston
Note: In 1891 James was a baker and Emma was a housekeeper

108 Charles Millson Mills GREEN m Eliza REBBECK (b 1848 New Forest d 1906 Eling, Southampton) 10 May 1866 Netley Marsh, Woodlands Southampton

Note: Eliza was the daughter of Henry REBBECK and Sarah Ann STRIDE who lived in London, then Fawley and then Totton (parish of Eling) before Henry bought houses for Charles and Eliza as well as his two other daughters. When Charles was living in London he was described as a civil engineer, and when he moved to the New Forest he was a master blacksmith

Children of Charles and Eliza
236......Henry Rebbeck Green b 1867 d 1946
237...... Alice Ruth Green b 3rd qr 1869 Fawley, [New Forest 2b 580] d 1945 Australia m Charles Henry TRANBERG (b 1868 d 1944) 1902 Australia
Note: Alice emigrated to Australia with Rebbeck on 31 Mar 1900
238......Bessy Ann (Annie) Green b 1872 Eling, New Forest m unknown
Annie was going to go to Australia as an emigrant, but at the last moment changed her mind: the ticket was in the name of A.Green, so 237 Alice went instead using the same ticket!
239......Arthur William Green b 1874 Eling d USA
Note: Arthur married an earl's daughter, changed his name to Philip Bruin RIBBLE and went to USA
240......Rebbeck Green b 1st qr 1876 Eling [New Forest 2b 669] d in New Zealand
Note: Rebbeck emigrated to Brisbane, Australia on 31 Mar 1900 aboard the SS Iumna with sister Alice . He had booked to go the previous year on the SS Duke of Portland, but did not travel at that time
241......Rose Hannah Green b 1879 Eling m Walter HENBEST (b 1865) 1900
242......Eliza Ellen Green b 1882 Eling d New Zealand m Sidney WILTSHIRE 1905 Hampshire
Note Sidney and Eliza emigrated to New Zealand
243......Bessie Green b 1886 Eling d Colbury New Forest m Albert HARRIS
244......Cecil Mills Green b 1889 Eling

112 James GREEN m Alice Sarah Ann KING (b 1st qr 1855 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 420] d 1922 St Olave) 4th qr 1874 [Cosford 4a 930]

Note: James was a "Millers Carman" in 1891 living at 56 Stanworth Street, Bermondsey. Alice was the daughter of Robert KING (bap 26 Sep 1830 Hadleigh bur 12 Aug 1899 Hadleigh) and Mary TRICKER whom he married in Cosford 10 Jun 1854

Children of James and Alice
245......James William Green b 4th qr 1875 Semer [Cosford 4a 489] m Harriet Mary DUTCHBURN 5 Aug 1901 Bermondsey
Note: James was an office boy in 1891
246......Charles George Green b 4th qr 1877 Semer [Cosford 4a 519]
247......Bessie Maud Green b 4th qr 1880 Peckham, London [Camberwell 1d 816] d 29 Sep 1952 Guys Hospiyal London m Felix George PRIDMORE 7 Jun 1913 Bermondsey
248......Ellen Sarah Green b 1883 Bermondsey d 1914 West Ham m Ernest TRYHORN 28 Dec 1902 Bermondsey
249......John Green b 1885 Bermondsey
250......Samuel Green b 1888 Bermondsey d 1962 Bermondsey
251......Sophia Edith Green b 1890 Bermondsey d 1892 Bermondsey
252......Florence Margaret Green b 1891 Bermondsey
In 1911 Florence was a bag machinist

115 Samuel GREEN m Fanny SAINSBURY (b 1863 Scrattage, Mdx) 30 Nov 1889 Sunbury on Thames [Staines 3a 30]

Note: Samuel and Fanny were living at Hampton Road, Hanworth in 1891 when Samuel was a gardener domestic

Child of Samuel and Fanny
253......Arthur William Green b 1890 Hampton Hill, Mdx d 24 Dec 1946 108 Elmer Gardens, Isleworth, Middlesex
253a....Christabel May Green b 1891 Hanworth, Middlesex d Jun 1967 Kingston upon Thames
253b....Violet Elizabeth Green b 1897 Hanworth, Middlesex
253c....Charles George Green b 1898 Hanworth, Middlesex

119 Susannah GARDINER m John DOE (b 7 Sep 1826 Bramford d 25 Jul 1866 at 7 Queen's Terrace, Milwall, Poplar, London) 14 Nov 1847 Chapel of St Mary, Plaistow, West Ham.

Note: John was the son of William and Sarah DOE. Witnesses to the marriage John GARDINER and Elizabeth SCAWEN. The cause of his death at age 40 was given as Asiatic Cholera. Susannah was a boarding Housekeeper in 1881 at 545 Manchester Road, Milwall: she died a widow of 80 from Cardiac Syndrome and Meningitis. In 1861 they were living at Queen's terrace, Milwall

Children of John and Susannah
254......Susannah Emmaline Doe b 6 May 1849 Bramford bap 7 May 1849 Bramford
Note: It seems Susannah had 2 baptisms; at her second one on 12 Oct 1851, the christian names were reversed.
255......Margaret Sarah Doe b 31 Jan 1851 Bramford bap 12 Oct 1851 Bramford d 2 May 1912 Poplar, London aged 61
Note: The date of birth given is as entered in the Parish Registers. However, her birth certificate states her date of birth was 20 February 1851. According to her own birthday book, she celebrated her birthday on 30 January. She died of multiple sarcomas
256......John William Doe b 13 Sep 1853 Plaistow d 3rd qr 1876 Poplar aged 22
Note: In 1871 he was a bricklayer living at 7 Queen's Terrace, Millwall
257......Thomas Lemon Doe b 4 Aug 1856 Plaistow d 4th qr 1931 Poplar aged 75 m Maud
Note: Thomas was living at 7 Queen's Terrace, Milwall in 1861 and in 49 Dukes Road Chiswick in 1881 when he was a turner in an engineering works
258......Susan Ellen Doe b 30 Apr 1859 Bromley by Bow, London d 3 Oct 1934 London m (a) Mr SWANN (b) William Thomas MARSH (b 1st qr 1886 Dunton Green, near Sevenoaks) 1st qr 1886
Note: In 1861 Susan was at 7 Queen's Terrace, Milwall and in 1881 she lived at "The Pride of the Isle", 20 Havannah Street, Millwall, Isle of Dogs, with sister and husband. She worked for her brother in law at "The Pride of the Isle".
Peter Gardiner Doe b 28 Nov 1862 Poplar, London
Note: In the 1881 census return Peter was living with his mother.
In 1871 he was living at 7 Queens Terrace, Millwall and in 1881 at 545 Manchester Rd, Millwall.1891 saw him at 2 May Terrace, Poplar. Cause of death suicide - cut his throat, date unknown

260......Mary Ann Louisa Doe b 23 Mar 1866 Poplar d 26 Sep 1948 aged 82 m George WHITTLE (d 1 Nov 1897 Long Melford) 1 Jul 1884 St John's Church, Poplar
Note: 1881 saw Mary Ann living with sister and her husband. at "The Pride of the Isle", 20 Havannah St, Millwall,Isle of Dogs, when George wa a foreman in his father's factory. In 1884 he was the manager of Cocoa Fibre works and in 1891 he is shown as a commercial clerk. She is said to have run off with Edward DEEKS, the son of the innkeeper at the "Cock and Bell" in Long Melford. In 1901 she was a widow living on her own means. Witnesses to the marriage were Susie DOE, Thomas Lemon DOE and Kate WHITTLE

122 Thomas GARDINER m Eliza TOWNS (b 1834 Polstead) 1st qr 1856 [Cosford 4a 551]

Thomas was an ag lab. In 1841 he lived at Butchers Lane, Boxford and in 1851 at Plaistow Marsh, West Ham, London. 1881and 1891 saw them at 1 Frog Hall, Castling Heath, Groton, Suffolk In 1891 they had a grandchild, Lizzie, aged 7 staying with them

Children of Thomas and Eliza
261......Dorcas Gardiner b abt 1862 Hadleigh Hamlet m Henry FEARIS
Note: Witnesses to the marriage were George FROST and Annie GARDINER
262......Henry Gardiner b 1866 Hadleigh Hamlet
Note: In 1881 Henry was an ag lab living at 1 Castling Heath, Groton
263......Minnie Gardiner b 1868 Hadleigh Hamlet
264......Ada Gardiner b 1871 Lindsey m Dennis FROST 29 Sep 1893 St Bartholomew's Church, Groton
Note: Dennis was a labourer in 1893. Witnesses to the wedding were Thomas GARDINER and Emma FROST
265......Frederick Gardiner b 1873 Lindsey m Caroline GLADDEN 15 Sep 1893 St Bartholomew's Church Groton
Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Dennis FROST and Ada GARDINER

130 Samuel GREEN m Maria ELMER (bap 26 Apr 1846 Lindsey) 26 Mar 1867 All Saint's Church, Semer

Note: Maria was the daughter of William ELMER and Sarah GARDINER

Children of Samuel and Maria
266......Arthur Green b abt 1868 Lindsey
267......William John Green bap 26 Mar 1871 Lindsey
268......George Green b 1st qr 1872 Lindsey
269......Alice Green dob unknown

133 Milleson GREEN m Emma HOWARD (b 1848 Thorpe Morieux d 1928 aged 80) 27 Oct 1869 All Saints Church, Semer

Note: Milleson was a farm labourer in 1851 and in 1881, and was sexton of Semer Church for 40 years They lived in Church Street. In 1891 he was a Gardener domestic living at 2 Hadleigh Road, Semer

Children of Milleson and Emma
270......Jeffrey Hugh Green b 4th qr 1872 Semer d 20 Aog 1942
271......Leonard Bertram Green bap 16 May 1875 Semer d 17 Jan 1956 Semer aged 80
272......Florence May Green b 1878 Semer
273......Cyril Howard Green b 31 Oct 1883 Semer bap 6 Jan 1884 Semer d 14 Mar 1930 aged 46
274......Olive Isabel Green bap 11 Jul 1887 d Jul 1896 aged 9

134 Alfred GREEN m Jane Rebecca PRENTICE (b 1855 Offton) 25 Sep 1874 Semer

Note: the 1881 census shows a lodger, Frederick TRICKER aged 16, a stable boy, lodging with him at Rectory Hill, Semer.Alfred was a groom in 1891 and then a grocer. Jane was the illegitimate daughter of Rebecca PRENTICE In 1891 they were living at 1 Hadleigh Road, Semer
Witnesses to the marriage were William BRADBROOK, George ELMER, Caroline GREEN and Mary ELMER
Jane had an illegitimate son, 275......William PRENTICE b 1874 Semer d 1887 Semer aged 12. In 1881 he was living with his grandparents, William and Sarah BRADBROOK at Mill House, Semer

Children of Alfred and Jane
276......Frank Green bap 22 Jul 1875 Semer bur 29 Jul 1875 Semer aged 3 months
277......Ellen Green bap 15 Oct 1876 Semer
278......Kate Green b 1879 Semer
279......Alice Green bap 17 Feb 1878 Semer
280......Frederick Harry Green b 28 Aug 1881 Semer
281......Bessie Elizabeth Green b 20 May 1883 Semer
282......Maude Mary Green b 25 Jan 1885 Semer
283......Frank Green b 16 Jan 1887 Semer
284......Mabel Florence Green bap 16 Feb 1889 Semer
285......Ethel Laura Green b 1891 Semer

58d William Robert GREEN m Emma LOVEDAY 4th ar 1878 Northampton

Note: In 1911 William and Emma were living at 30 St Edmunds Street, Northampton and William was a bootmaker riveter

Child of William and Emma
59......Sarah Annie Green b 1880 Northampton

147 Charles GOYMOUR m Martha Ann HOLLOX 24 Nov 1876 St Peter's Church, Monks Eleigh

Note: Charles was a gardener at Semer Common

Children of Charles and Martha
286......Archibald Charles Goymour dob unknown
287......Ella Jane Goymour b 4th qr 1877 [Cosford 4a 520]
288......Arthur Edward Goymour b 4th qr 1879 [Cosford 4a 561] bap 4 Jan 1880 Semer m Laura Emmerson MANN 2nd qr 1910 [Cosford 4a 1423]
163......Charles Alfred Goymour b 1st qr 1882 Semer [Cosford 4a 619]
289......Flora Ellen Goymour (aka Florence) b 3rd qr 1884 [Cosford 4a 643] bap 20 Jul 1884 Semer m Percy A NEAL 4th qr 1912 [Cosford 4a 1969]
290......William Arnold Goymour b 3rd qr 1888 [Cosford 4a 661] bap 23 Sep 1888 Semer m Gertrude E GIRLING 4th qr 1915 [Cosford 4a 2714]
291......Mildred Matilda Goymour b 3rd qr 1891 [Cosford 4a 7?0] bap 20 Sep 1891 Semer m Sydney PARRATT 3rd qr 1920 [Cosford 4a 2559]
192......Ada Rose Goymour b 2nd qr 1895 [Cosford 4a 777] bap 2 Jun 1895 Semer (Whit Sunday) m William G ALSTON 2nd qr 1920 [Cosford 4a 2311]
Note: Ada Rose was rgistered and baptised under the name of Rose May

151 Samuel GOYMOUR m Elizabeth HINES as widower (bap 9 May 1861 Semer) 24 Jun 1894 Semer

Note: Samuel was an ag lab. In 1881 he was at Upper Canada, Lindsey and she was a lodger at Ash Street, Semer. Witnesses to the marriage were Arthur HINES and Jane GOYMOUR In 1911 Samuel was a horseman on a farm

Child of Samuel and Elizabeth
293......Maud Elizabeth Goymour b 3rd qr 1893 [Cosford 4a 742]

158 Eliza GREEN m Thomas GREEN 15 Jul 1855 Newington Surrey

Children of Thomas and Eliza
295......Thomas Green dob unknown [Cosford database]
296......Charles Green b 1855 Semer [Cosford database]
Note: In 1881 Charles was a widower and groom living at Semer Hill
297......Robert Green dob unknown [Cosford database]
298......Lily Green dob unknown [Cosford database]
299......Ellen Green dob unknown [Cosford database]
300......Amelia Green dob unknown [Cosford database]
301......Joaeph Green dob unknown [Cosford database]
302......Henry Green dob unknown [Cosford database]

161 Thomas William GREEN m Ann Maria MANN 28 Sep 1862 Polstead [Cosford 4a 625]

Child of Thomas and Ann
303......Jesse Green b 1874 Sudbury m Rosa LUMLEY 2nd qr 1897 Sudbury
Note: In 1901 Jesse was a fishmonger at 123 East Street, Sudbury and in 1911 at 8 East Street, Sudbury. No issue by 1911

166 James GREEN m 130 Elizabeth LATTER (b 1845 Melton) 30 Jun 1869 Ramsey, Essex

Note: Witnesses to the wedding were Thomas LATTER, senr, Thomas LATTER jnr, Hannah LATTER, Anna GREEN, Ann GREEN and Geo BULL. James was recorded on his certificate as being a porter, living at St Botolph's Colchester. James and family lived in Dedham Charity Farm, Woodland Rd Chattisham, near Hadleigh. The farm is still there (nearer to Chattisham than Raydon). You can see it as it is today here.
Census returns show James as an ag lab in 1861, a carter in 1871 living at Barrack Street, Colchester, a farmer of 300 acres in 1881 at Dedham Charity Farm Chattisham employing one man (which seems a low number for 300 acres!) Elizabeth was a milliner's apprentice in 1861 at Thoroughfare, Woodbridge.

Children of James and Elizabeth Green
304......Alice Elizabeth Green b 20 May 1871 Colchester
305......Frank James Green b 19 Nov 1872 Colchester d 3 Feb1956 Felixstowe
Note: Frank was a farm bailiff, then farmer He was living at 9 Buregate Road, Felixstowe when he died - the death certificate shows he died of myocardial infarction with a secondary cause as Coronary Atheroma (ie: he had a heart attack)
306......Thomas Charles Green b 4th qr 1874 Chattisham [Samford 4a 595] d 23 Jan 1947 Aldershot, Ontario

167 Ann GREEN m Robert DYE (b 1850) abt 1867 Helmingham

Children of Robert and Ann
307......Robert Edward Dye b 1882 Raydon

169 Elizabeth GREEN m Joseph WENDON (b abt 1857 Thorpe le Soken, Essex) 31 Jul 1884 Raydon

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth
308......Cecil Wendon b abt 1887 Hadleigh
309......Percy Stanley Wendon bap 26 Aug 1888 Hadleigh

170 John GREEN m Sarah Jane FARTHING (b abt 1854 Monks Eleigh)

Note: In 1901 John was a farm bailiff at Walnut tree farm in Sutton, Suffolk. In 1911 he was a farm bailiff at Methersgate, Woodbridge

Children of John and Sarah
310......Maud Mary Green b 1883 Lindsey
311......Clara Jane Green b 1887 Lindsey
312......John Albert Green b 1885 Lindsey m Grace E SONES 3rd qr 1916 [Ipswich 4a 1869]
Note: In 1911 John was a valet dometic in a private house
313......Walter James Green b 1889 Lindsey m Phyllis M BLOOMFIELD 2nd qr 1912 [Woodbridge 4a 2126]
Note: In 1911 Walter was a groom domestic

111 Anna GREEN m Arthur Charles RUMSEY (b abt 1848) 18 Oct 1876 Raydon

Note: my father's diary records as follows
"April 15th 1937
After an illness of only three or four days my great-aunt Anna passed away this morning. I visited her two days before her death; she had all her facilities and did so want to know about Mollie and the baby (
My mother and brother who was born on 5th April 1937). Her daughter Laura who has behaved bravely throughout, though it means the loss of her only near relative, tells me that Aunt Anna was talking of Mollie almost to the end. The loss of fragrant little old ladies like Aunt Anna can never be made up. She was always of a happy disposition and it seems impossible that she is gone. She was 83 years of age." (My father was clearly wrong about her age which was registered as 89 [Ipswich 4a 1099])
I remember her as a tall lady in black, but I was only 4 when she died

Child of Arthur and Anna
314......Laura Anna Rumsey b 3rd qr 1878 [Ipswich 4a 706] d 2nd qr 1946 [Ipswich 4a 1048]

172 John GREEN m Amy Sarah MINNS 1865

Children of John and Amy Sarah
315......Kate Green b 1866 Bricett
316......James Robert Green b 2nd qr 1867 Bricett [Bosmere 4a 586 or 590]
317......Hannah Alice Green b 1st qr 1870 Bricett [Bosmere 4a 612] d 1948 m Herbert Charles SIMPSON abt 1895
318......Clara Green b 4th qr 1873 Bricett [Bosmere 4a 568]
319......Robert Green b 2nd qr 1875 Bricett [Bosmere 4a 633]
320......Frances Green b 1885 Willisham
321......Caroline Gertrude Green b 1st qr 1887 Willisham [Bosmere 4a 766]

179 Thomas LATTER m 164 Sarah GREEN

Children of Thomas and Sarah
321...... John Henry Latter b Dec 1871 Ipswich d 4th qr 1904 Ipswich
Note: John Henry was living with his grandparents, John and Susan Green in 1881
322......Thomas Henry Latter b Mar 1872 Ipswich
323......Thomas Latter b Jun 1873 Ipswich
324......Harry Latter b Sep 1873 Ipswich d Mar 1893
325......William Thomas Latter b Dec 1880 Ipswich
326......Jack Wilfred Latter b Jun 1898 Ipswich
327......Robert Harold Latter b Jun 1901 Ipswich

118 Edward LATTER m Pamela ANDREWS (b 1854 d 1889) 1875 Tendring

Children of Edward and Pamela
328......Alice Maud Latter b 1875 Thorrington, Essex
329......Ernest Edward Latter b 1877 Ipswich
330......Annie Elizabeth Latter b 1878 Ipswich
331......William Thomas Latter b 1880 Ipswich
332......Ephraim Hugh Latter b 1882 Tendring d 16 Nov 1957 m Winifred Victoria CHAINEY 1930 West Ham
333......Florence May Latter b 1886 Dovercourt
334......Edith Violet Latter b 1888 Thorrington
335......Pamela Latter b 1889 Brightlingsea


183 John Andrew GAME m Eliza NUNN 4th qr 1870 [Cosford 4a 941]

Note: In 1881 John was a farm bailiff and the family lived at Back Lane, SheeringIn 1891 the family was at 5 Rosemary Cottages, Cowper Rd Raynham, Essex. John was a gardener

Children of John and unknown
336......Kate Anna Game b 1872 Edwardstone
337......Frederick L Game b 1874 Edwardstone
338......Alice Maria Game b 1876 Edwardstone
339......Lily Agnes Game b 1877 Edwardstone
340......Frank Rodney Game b 1878 Edwardstone
341......Louisa M Game b 1881 Edwardstone
342......Bridget E Game b 1885 Canwarden, Essex m Robert E LANGRIDGE 3rd qr 1921 [Romford 4a 1275]
343......Harold T Game b1882 Sheering, Essex

236 Henry Rebbeck GREEN m Minnie Maria BOYCE (b 1869 d 1910 Copythorne) 21 Oct 1893 Cadnam Independant Chapel, New Forest

Note: Minnie was the daughter of Harry BOYCE (b 1841 d 1910) and Ann EGERTON (b 1844 d 1910)

Children of Henry and Minnie
344......Alice Louisa Green b 1895 d 1971
345......Henry Rebbeck Green b 21 Mar 1897 Cottons Bungalow, Cadnam, New Forest d 23 Nov 1969 Benedictine Hospital, Kingston, Ulster Co. New York USA
346......Edward Burlton (Burl) Green b 1898 d 1991 (b 1902 d 1994
347......Annie Green May Green b 1900 d 1962 (spinster)
348......Ellen Eliza Green b 1902 d 1902
349......Arthur Cecil Green b 1903 d 2001 USA
Note: Cecil lived in Ulster County, New York State
350......Minna Eliza Green b 1905 d 1963
351......Bessie Rose Green b 1907 d 1997
352......Edwin Stanley Green b 1909 d 1993

237 Alice Ruth GREEN m Charles Henry TRANBERG (b 1868 d 1944) 1902 Australia

Children of Charles and Alice
353......Alice Ruth Tranberg b 1904 d 1968 m Thorne Mervyn MAY (b 1907 d 1980)
354......Charles Rebbeck Tranberg b 1906 d 1973 m Hazel Regina HARROLD (b 1910) Australia
355......William Francis Tranberg b 1910 d 1968 m Myra Pearl WHITE (b 1911)
356......Alfred James Tranberg b 1912 d 1994

241 Rose Hannah GREEN m Walter HENBEST (b 1865 Eling) 1900

Note: In 1891 Walter was a a general labourer army reserve living at Woodlands Eling, New Forest . In 1901 he was a police sergeant. In 1911 Walter was a detective police sergeant living at 110 Widmore Rd Bromley. Walter (sen), Rose and son Walter emigrated to Auckland New Zealand on the SS Mataroa (Shaw Saville line) from Southampton on 25 Mar 1927. You can see the Mataroa here

Children of Walter and Rose
357......May Henbest b 1901
358......Walter b 1912
359......Walter John (Jack) Henbest b 29 Jul 1912 Woodlands, Southampton bap 22 Sep 1912 d 1945 m Alice Pheobe SMITH (b 1909 d 1978 New Zealand)

254 Susannah Emmaline DOE m John PARRISH (b 1849 Chichester) 27 Nov 1870 Christchurch Poplar, London

Note: John was the son of George PARRISH and was a bricklayer in 1871 living at 7 Queens Terrace, Millwall and in 1881 at 545 Manchester Road, Poplar. In 1861 Susannah was living at 7 Queen's Terrace, Poplar. In 1891 George was a widower with his mother in law as housekeeper at 14 Dongola Road, Plaistow and in 1901 he was at 577 Barking Road, Plaistow
Witnesses to the marriage were Thomas GARDINER, Margaret Sarah DOE and Emmaline SMITH

Children of John and Susannah
360......Susanna Eliza Parrish b 22 May 1871
Note: In 1891 Susanna was a barmaid at the Pride of the Isle, Havannah Street, Poplar
361......Eliza Maude Parrish b 27 Jun 1876 d 1955
362......Mary Ann Jane Parrish b 20 Nov 1879 Poplar
Living with George and Mary WHITTLE in 1891 and with Mary Ann WHITTLE (wid) in 1901
363......John William Parrish b 29 Jun 1883 Poplar
Note In 1901 John was a house painter
364......Margaret Elizabeth Parrish b 6 Sep 1886
Note: In 1891 Margaret was a general servant at "The Pride of the Isle"
365......Isabella Doe Parrish b 5 Nov 1888 Poplar

255 Margaret Sarah DOE m William Frederick OLLEY (b 6 Nov 1852 15 Pollards Row, Bethnal Green d 10 May 1916 "Pride of the Isle" Milwall aged 63) 23 May 1877 St John's Poplar

Note: Witnesses to the wedding were Susan & William Olley Snr, Mary Ann Olley, Susanna Doe, Peter Doe, Thomas Lemon Doe, Susan Ellen Doe, Thomas John Stubbs and William John Barker.
his birth certificate just shows his name as William, but the marriage certificate gives William Frederick. When he went to Australia with his parents age 1, he was known as William Frederick. At some time between 1861-1881 the address of the Pride of the Isle changed from being 10 Thomas Street to 20 Havannah Street, Millwall, where he was the landlord and victualler
They had a pony and trap at The Pride" and the pony's name was Jo-Boy.
William was said to have burned his Will just prior to death, but there is a copy of his Estate Book containing particulars of Administration of the Estate. He died of Chronic Nephritis and Cachexia

Children of William and Margaret
366......Margaret May Olley b 27 Mar 1878 "Pride of the Isle" 24 Havanah Street, Milwall d 6 Apr 1958 Forbes House, Ham Common, Ham
367......Susan Bessie Olley b 14 Sep 1879 "Pride of the Isle" 24 Havanah Street, Milwall d 10 Oct 1938 26 Leconfield Ave, Barnes SW13
368......William Frederick Olley b 24 Feb 1881 "Pride of the Isle" 24 Havanah Street, Milwall d 18 Mar 1943
369......Alexandra Rose Olley b 5 May 1884 "Pride of the Isle" 24 Havanah Street, Milwall d 1953 m Archibald George SMITH 14 Feb 1912 St Luke's Milwall
Note: She was born on Alexandra Rose Day, hence her name. She lived in Manchester Rd, Millwall before moving to Wraysbury. No issue. Archibald was a relieving officer.
370......John Edward Olley b 12 Apr 1886 "Pride of the Isle" 24 Havanah Street, Milwall d 19 Aug 1970 m Marguerite Irene HILL 8 Dec 1919 St Lukes, Milwall
Note: He was a gifted musician playing saxaphone and other instruments and was in the Lou Praegar's Orchestra and played at the Hammersmith Palais. He had his own band at Whitley Bay in 1926 with Laurie BREWIS as pianist. He played football for Clapton and for England. Witnesses at the wedding were May BREWIS and Richard HILL
Thomas Bertram Olley b 28 Jul 1887 19 Bedford Road, Hitchin, Herts d after 1970
372......George Alexander Olley b 1890 "Pride of the Isle" 24 Havanah Street, Milwall
373......Mildred Jessie Olley b 31 Mar 1892 "Pride of the Isle" 24 Havanah Street, Milwall

257 Thomas Lemon DOE m Maud Marion MASON (b abt 1860 Islington) 3rd qr 1880 Poplar

Note: Thomas is believed to have been in the Salvation Army, but records were destroyed in WW2 and this cannot be proved. In 1881 he was a turner in an engineering works living at 49 Duke's Road Chiswick, and in 1891 he was a turner making steam engines living at 13 Fraser Street Chiswick; in 1901 he was a turner/fitter living at 6 Coldbath Street, Chiswick.

Child of Thomas and Maud
374......John W Doe b abt 1882 Chiswick
Note: John was a clerk (Store) in 1901

259 Peter Gardiner DOE m Isabella Boyce NUGENT (b 1863 Poplar) 3rd qr 1886 Poplar

Note: in 1881 Peter was a joiner's apprentice. In 1871 he was living at 7 Queens Terrace, Millwall, in 1881 at 545 Manchester Rd, Millwall and in 1891 at 2 May Terrace, Poplar. Isabella was the daughter of Alexander NUGENT and Margaret ELDON Peter committed suicide by cutting his throat

Children of Peter and Isabella
375......Victor Gardiner b 3rd qr 1887 Poplar d 15 Sep 1916 France
Note: Victor was killed in action in France whilst serving as Rifleman 5004 in the 1st/15th Battalion of the London Regiment. Commemorated on Thiepval Memorial at Somme, France.
376......Grace Belle Doe b 3rd qr 1889 Poplar d 15 Mar 1976 m John PEARSON 7 May 1921 Poplar
377......Harold Nugent Doe b 2nd qr 1894 Poplar
378......Ernest William Doe b 3rd qr 1896 Poplar
379......Ivy Beryl Doe b 4th qr 1897 Poplar
Note: Ivy discovered her father's body after he had cut his throat, and is said never to have recovered from the shock
380......Ena Jessie Doe b 2nd qr 1906 Poplar m John BROWN abt 1927

261 Dorcas GARDINER m Henry FEARIS (b abt 1859) 21 Oct 1882 St Bartholomew, Groton

Note: Henry was an ag lab and the family were at 1 Home Farm Road, Groton in 1891

Children of Henry and Dorcas
380......Alice Maud Fearis b 2nd qr 1884 Groton [Cosford 4a 638] d 1st qr 1910 m Charles William TOWNS (b 1880 West Bergholt d 15 Mar 1966) 1st qr 1904 [Lexden 4a 783]
381......Charles Frederick Fearis b 1st qr 1886 Groton [Cosford 4a 669]
382......Thomas Fearis b 1887/8 Groton m Bertha PEACHEY 4th qr 1909 [Lexden 4a 1424]
Note: Thomas was a brewers drayman in 1911 living at Old Post Office, West Bergholt
Ethel Ada Fearis b 2nd qr 1889 Groton [Cosford 4a 708A]

270 Jeffrey Hugh GREEN m Mary NEWMAN (b Pentlow 1864 d 27 Jan 1942 Old Tiles, Crouch Hill aged 78) abt 1894

Note: Jeffery was the village postman in Semer in 1891 and lived in Church Sreet Semer. Mary was the daughter of George and Jane NEWMAN

Children of Jeffrey and Mary
384......Christopher George Green b Oct 1896 Semer bur 24 Nov 1896 (Twin to Alfred Hugh) aged 26 days
385......Alfred Hugh Green b Oct 1896 Semer bur 11 Nov 1896 Semer (Twin to Christopher George) aged 13 days
386......Ida Florence Green b 2nd qr 1898 Semer m Albert George ROWLAND 7 Oct 1922 All Saint's Church Semer
387......Tola Florence Green b 1898 Semer
Note: Ida's name may have been "Tola" or there may have been a second set of twins!
388......Hilda Mary Green b 1900 Semer d 17 Apr 1994 Lindsey aged 94
389......Gordon Sidney Green b 1900 Semer d 19 Oct 1934 Hadleigh aged 34
390......Alec George Green b 3rd qr 1900 Semer [Cosford 4a 875] d 8 Jul 1984 bur Jul 1984 Nedging
391......Christopher Leonard Green b 1903 Semer

271 Leonard Bertram GREEN m Sarah CANNING (b 1879 Lotley, Warks d 1961 aged 82) 17 Oct 1903 All Saints Church, Semer

Leonard was living at Church Street, Semer in 1881. He became a gardener at Chelsworth Hall

Children of Leonard and Sarah
392......Ellena Gladys Green b 1904 d 1989 Semer aged 85
393......Leonard Green b 1907 Polsingford d 14 Nov 1996 Ipswich Hospital aged 89
Note: Leonard was educated at Semer School and Bridge Street, Hadleigh
394......Dorothy I Green b 2nd qr 1911 [Cosford 4a 897] m August Louis HAGEMAN 30 Nov 1928 Freeport Illinois

272 Florence May GREEN m Alfred SUCKLING (b 1881 Semer) 9 Oct 1912 All Saints Church, Semer

Child of Alfred and Florence
395......Mollie Suckling b 13 Oct 1914 Ipswich

273 Cyril Howard GREEN m Adelaide MURFET 2nd qr 1905 [Newmarket 3b 1169]

Note: Adelaide was the daughter of Alfred and Mary MURFIT. Cyril is shown in 1905 as a carpenter at Canada Cottages and after 1905 at Hill House where he was a builder and had his yard.
Cyril and Adelaide took over the post office in Semer in 1909 from father Milleson. When Cyril died in 1930 Adelaide carried on as postmistress, but moved the Post Office to the next house down the hill, now Chapel Meadow House.
Daughter Jane Green eventually took over and kept the business going until 1983. For the last 53 years the post office was also a shop selling sweets, groceries and paraffin [ "Semer, a snapshot of a Suffolk Village"]

Children of Cyril and Adelaide
396......Claud Howard Green b 1905 Semer d 1986 Semer
397......Herbert Cyril Green b abt 1908 Semer
398......Pamela Adelaide Green dob unknown d 15 Feb 1919 Semer
399......Vivien Joan Green b 18 Apr 1922
400......Alan Milison Green dob unknown m Violet STEVENS

307 Robert Edward DYE m Alice Eliza COOKE (b 1879) 4th qr 1903 Martlesham

Children of Robert and Alice
401......Edward Dye b 1904 Witnesham

59 Sarah Annie GREEN m Charles Ashling TYLER 1905 Northampton

Children of Charles and Sarah
59b......Elsie May Tyler b 1907 Northampton
59c......Charley William Tyler b 1908 Northampton

304 Alice Elizabeth GREEN m Charles Frederick STOW 1st qr 1900 [Samford 4a 1003]

Children of Frederick and Alice
402......Charles Frederick (Chickle) Stow b 4th qr 1901 [Cosford 4a 923]
403......Mary Elizabeth Stow b 1st qr 1903 [Cosford 4a 949]

305 Frank James GREEN m Elizabeth Mary Ann (Lizzie) MEWSE (b 16 Oct 1870 d 27 Oct 1944) 30 Nov 1899 Lowestoft

[see Mewse branch here]

Note: in 1901 Frank James was a Land Steward living at Russels, Halstead Rural District, Essex after which he worked as a farm agent in Roydon, Norfolk..In 1911 he is recorded as a Farm Bailiff living at Petygards Farm, Sporle. Petygards was named after the individual who owned the site in around 1300. A moated house presumably once stood here but the moats now exist as ornamental ponds. The present house stands to the north of these ponds and the demolition of the old north wing in 1955 leaves only the south wing of 1825. There was once a chapel here but this was demolished in 1845 after it had been used as a barn for some time. Investigation of the grounds in 1978 recovered over one hundred medieval pottery sherds as well as a few of Roman and post medieval date.
Later Frank became a farm bailiff (manager for the farm) living and working for a Mr Vaisey in Merrow near Guildford. When Mr Vaisey died he went from one bailiff's job to another until about 1933 when he set himself up farming in Briston, Norfolk at Craymere's Farm. He retired in about 1939. Elizabeth (Lizzie) was a teacher in Lowestoft.

Children of Frank James and Elizabeth Mary Ann
404......Dorothy Mabel Green b 4 Oct 1900 Halstead, Essex d 1978 m Horace CLARK (b abt 1898) abt 1932
405......Owen Frank Latter Green b 11 Dec 1901 Russells Farm, Halstead, Essex d 6 Jul 1957
406......William Green b 27 Jun 1905 d 1905
407...... Edward Charles Green b 27 Oct 1907 Reydon, Norfolk d 3 Sep 1981 Playford
Note: the cause of death was given after post mortem (without inquest) as Coronary Atherosclerosis and an old myocardial infarction. He was found dead by my mother on her return from shopping. His profession was given as design and sales engineer
408......Kenneth Green b 25 Apr 1909 d 1909

306 Thomas Charles GREEN m Anna Bessie READ (b 1870 Norwich d 1 Mar 1940 Ontario, Canada) 3rd qr 1900 Chattisham [Samford 4a 1587]

Note: In 1901 Thomas was a farm steward living with Anna at Spring Farm, Melton near Woodbridge. Thomas Charles emigrated to Canada on 2 Apr 1909 from Liverpool on ticket no 26991 which let him travel to Halifax or St John on the Virginian, when he was described as a labourer and was followed by his family on the "Royal Edward" leaving Avonmouth for Quebec on 29 Sep 1912. During World War II the family used to send us food parcels which were always greeted with great exitement (by me, anyway). Anna's parents were Walter READ and Abigail Sarah BOOTY. Thomas had a farm at Plains Road, Aldershot, Ontario, and the farm (see a photo of its last stages here) on his death passed to his son-in-law, Douglas Thomborrow. It is believed that Thomas was at one time a police officer.

Children of Thomas and Anna,

409......Ellen Mary Green b 18 Jul 1901 Melton [Woodbridge 4a 1078] d 1975 m Gordon GALLAGHER (b 1900 d 1985) in Aldershot, Ontario bef 1938 - no issue. They had a farm about half mile from the Green Farm, in Gallagher Road. Both bur St Matthews Aldershot

Note: the following comment was received from Keith D Thornborrow, (nephew of 18 Ivy and Douglas) [link below] as was all information on this part of the family: Mary was a very kind and friendly lady; she corresponded and visited with Douglas right up until her death. Gordon was interested in politics and served more than one term as reeve of East Flamborough Township (Burlington, Aldershot Area).
410....Thomas Walker b 3rd qr 1903 Melton [Woodbridge 4a 1123] d 4th qr 1903 [Woodbridge 4a 566]
411......Ivy [or Ivey] Kathleen Green b 25 Mar 1906 Melton [Woodbridge 4a 1095] d 18 Oct 1948 bur St Matthews Church, Aldershot, Ontario m Douglas THORNBORROW (b 1916 d 1986) 19 Oct 1938 at St Matthews Anglican Church, Aldershot - no issue
Note: During world war II Douglas served in the Navy and after inheriting the farm, he remarried and moved in 1952 - 3 to Sundridge, Ontario

316 James Robert GREEN m Nellie ASKEW (b abt 1869 d 1st qr 1897 [Bosmere 4a 491]) 4th qr 1887 [Bosmere 4a 1407}
Note: James was an ag lab in 1891 living at Tye Road, Willisham. In 1901 he was a widower, living with father at Barking Tye. By 1911 he was living at Valley Farm, Offton, stll with his father John.

Children of James and Nellie
412......Caroline Gertrude Green b 1st qr 1887 Bricett [Bosmere 4a 766]
413......Alexander Frederick Green b 3rd qr 1888 Willisham [Bosmere 4a 744]
414......Lily Nellie Green b 2nd qr 1889 Willisham [Bosmere 4a 809] m Theodore H GAUGHT 4th qr 1925 [Bury St Edmunds 4a 2171]
415......Mabel Ada Green b 1st qr 1891 Willisham [Bosmere 4a 831]
416......Augusta Alice Green b 2nd qr 1892 Willisham [Bosmere 4a 841
417......Minnie Green b 1st qr 1894 Willisham [Bosmere 4a 856]

317 Hannah Alice GREEN m Herbert C SIMPSON 2nd qr 1890 [Bosmere 4a 1144a]

Note: In 1891 and 1901 Herbert was a carpenter and joiner and the family were at Offton.

Children of Herbert and Hannah
418......Charles John Simpson b 3rd qr 1892 Offton {Bosmere 4a 816]
Note: In 1911 Charles was a stockman on a farm at Offton
419...... Lewis Frank Simpson b 3rd qr 1894 Offton [Bosmere 4a 800]
420...... Florence May Simpson b 1896 Offton [Bosmere 4a 854]
421...... Hilda Maud Simpson b 4th qr 1898 Offton [Bosmere 4a 884] m Claude A DAY 3rd qr 1927 [Bosmere 4a 2361]
422...... Grace Ellen Simpson b 1st qr 1901 Offton [Bosmere 4a 995]
423......Gertrude Lilian Simpson b 1st qr 1906 Offton [Bosmere 4a 1033]
424......Maggie Frances M Simpson b 1909 Offton [Bosmere 4a 1027]
425......Arthur H Simpson b 3rd qr 1911 [Bosmere 4a 1912] m Gladys H TAYLOR 3rd qr 1939 [Sudbury 4a 4831]

321 John Henry LATTER m Ellen Gertrude May WARD (b abt 1880 Monks Eleigh) 2nd Qr 1897 [see Latter branch here]

Note: John Henry was living with 89 John and Susanna GREEN in 1881, and in 1901 was living at 28 Upper Orwell Street where he was a grocer. His brother in law, Bertrand R WARD aged 14 was apprenticed to him and living in at the 1901 census. Ellen remarried to Arthur Henry BRIDGES (b 1885 Lichfield Staffs) 1st qr 1911 Ipswich following John Henry's death

Child of John Henry and Ellen G M
426......Florence Latter dob unknown
427......Thomas Latter dob unknown
428....Robert Harold Latter b 1902 [Ipswich 4a 1000]


339 Lily Agnes GAME m William Edgar GOODCHILD (b 1867 Badingham) 4th qr 1896 [Romford 4a 588]

Note: In 1911 the family lived at 51 Baker Street, Chelmsford and William was a labourer in a factory making ball bearings

Children of William and Lily
429......Arthur Edgar John Goodchild b 1899 Ilford
430......Edgar Harold Goodchild b 1906 Heveringham
431......Ronald Jarvis Goodchild b 1908 Heveringham

340 Frank Rodney GAME m Annie Miles BRYANT 2nd qr 1907 [Edmonton 3a 860]
Child of Frank and Annie
432......William Game b 1915 Edmonton

344 Alice Louisa GREEN m Frederick SAMWAYS (b 1892 d 1962) 4th qr 1920 [New Forest 2b 1874]

Children of Frederick and Alice
433......Louisa M Samways b 2nd qr 1923 [Wareham 5a 446] d 4th qr 1924 aged 1 [Wareham 5a 277]
434......Helen R Samways b 2nd qr 1925 [Wareham 5a 427] d 1946
435......Harold E Samways b 1st qr 1927 [Wareham 5a 397] m Edna D WADHAM 2nd qr 1950 [Poole 6a 1243]
436......Hazel M Samways b 2nd qr 1929 [Wareham 5a 400] m Derrick C BENNETT 2nd qr 1950 [Poole 6a 1281]
437......Freda L Samways b 3rd qr 1931 [Wareham 5a 383]
438......Ellen Grace Samways b 2nd qr 1933 [Wareham 5a 373] d Aug 1989 [Poole 23/620/889] m Stephen B PANTAK 2nd qr 1954 [Poole 6a 1247]

236 Henry Rebbeck GREEN m Aline May JONES (b 31 May 1904, West End Southampton d 18 Feb 1992 Northern Duchess Hospital Rhinebeck, Duchess Co, New York) date unknown

Note: the family lived at Ulster County, New York State, USA, having emigrated on the "Mauretania" on 10 June 1947, but during WW2 he was a mamber of a branch of the Home Guard who were designed to act as a resistance organisation should the Germans have invaded. You can read more about this on the website at http://www.coleshillhouse.com.

Children of Henry and Aline
439....Jesse Green b abt 1920 (probable son) m Gladys BAKER 2nd qr 1947[Battersea 5c 128]
440......Minna Kathleen Green b 17 Jan 1923 Stone Ridge, Ulster Co, NY
441......Evelyn May Green b 8 Aug 1925 Stone Ridge, Ulster Co, NY d 14 May 2000 High Falls, Ulster Co, NY

346 Edward Burl GREEN m Annie Irene May (Rene) PARSONS (b 1902 d 1994) 3rd qr 1923 [Southampton 2c 49]

Children of Burl and Rene
442......Irene Jean Green b 3rd qr 1924 [New Forest 2b 1128]
443......Edward J H (Ted) Green b 4th qr 1926 [Midhurst 2b 532]

349 Arthur Cecil GREEN m Ida

Children of Cecil and Ida
444......Joan Green dob unknown
445......Peter Green dob unknown

350 Minna Eliza GREEN m Stanley MOORE (b 1905 d 1986)

Child of Stanley and Minna
446......Joyce M b 3rd qr 1936 [Romsey 2c 174]

351 Bessie Rose GREEN m Wilfred George TUCKER (b 1907 d 1997) 1st qr 1931 [New Forest 2b 1243]

Children of Wilfred and Bessie
447......Gordon W Tucker b 3rd qr 1932 [Wareham 5a 387]
448......Phyllis Tucker b 1st qr 1936 [Dorchester 5a 420]
449......Marion S R Tucker b 2nd qr 1937 [Dorchester 5a 423] m David J CARRINGTON 3rd qr 1959 [Salisbury 7c 1287]
450......Minna M Tucker b 3rd qr 1942 [Dorchester 5a 586]
451......Helen L Tucker b 2nd qr 1949 [Salisbury 7c 605]

352 Edwin Stanley GREEN m Gwenllian Florence Elizabeth BARBER (b 1914 d 1999) 3rd qr 1942 Cadnam Independent Church, New Forest [New Forest 2b 2105]

Note: Gwenllian was the daughter of Joseph John BARBER and Mary Jane EVANS

Children of Edwin and Gwenllian
452......Barbara Gwenllian b 1943 Cadnam, New Forest
453......Margaret b 1945 Cadnam, New Forest d 1946 Cadnam, New Forest
454......Hilary Green b 1949 Cadnam, New Forest
455......Madalaine Green b 1950 Cadnam, New Forest
456......Christine Green b 1952 Cadnam, New Forest
457......Douglas Edwin Green b 1957 Cadnam, New Forest

357 May HENBEST m Alfred MATTHEWS New Zealand

Children of Alfred and May
458......Rose Ellen Matthews dob unknown
459......Doreen May Matthews dob unknown m Mr GREENLEES
460......Cecil Alfred Matthews dob unknown
461......living person dob unknown

366 Margaret May OLLEY m William Mark BREWIS (b 21 Apr 2870 Ratcliffe, London d 12 Nov 1928 at 32 Hartford Ave East Sheen SW14 bur 16 Nov 1928 East Sheen Cemetery ) 7 Sep 1903 St Luke's Milwall

Note: William, the son of John BREWIS and Catherine AYLMER was buried in East Sheen Cemetery Grave no 183 sectin F class A.After daughter Kathleen Rose Brewis' marriage to Stanley George UTTERIDGE in 1936, her wedding bouquet was placed on William's grave. In 1871 William was at 3 Brunton's Cottages, Stepney and in 1881, incorrectly named Bruce, he was at 52 London Street Ratcliff, London. In 1891 he was a clerk at a cigar merchant's living at 19 Medland Street Ratcliff, London

Children of William and Margaret
462......William Aylmer Brewis b 1 Jul 1904 d 4 Apr 1963 aged 58 m Aileen Frances CALL (b 6 Aug 1909 d 25 Nov 1986 and cremated at Woking.) 22 Jul 1933, All Saints Church East Sheen
463......Laurence John Brewis b 29 Jun 1907 d 1967 New York aged 60
Note: Laurence was educated at Cranleigh School, Surrey and became a pianist and musician
464......Ronald Leslie Brewis b 16 Aug 1911 d 1952 Wales aged 41 m (a) Margaret ALLENSBY (b) Ms GWYNN
Note: Ronald was educated at Cranleigh School, Surrey

367 Susan Bessie OLLEY m Percy Robert BREWIS (b 12 Jun 1879 52 London Street Ratcliff Stepney d 19 May 1946 Paignton, Devon crem 23 May 1946 Crematorium, Plymouth, Devonshire) 14 Sep 1904 St Lukes Millwall

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Rose Olley, Mildred Jessie Olley, William Frederick Olley, William Frederick Olley Jnr. Percy was employed by John Symons as an office boy, and worked his way up to become Manager and Director of John Symons on 20 Nov 1928. He was also President of the Licensed Victuallers Association for several years.
He was presented, amongst other items, with a Grandmother Clock, now in the possession of Kay Stevens. There is an envelope inside the clock with details of the presentation.
In 1881 he lived at 52 London Street, Ratcliff, entered under the name of BRUCE, and in 1891 he was at 19 Medland Street, Ratcliff.
Subsequently he remarried Sheila CHASE and had one son, also called 121a......Percy Robert BREWIS in 1946 who in turn had a daughter 121b......Lucie BREWIS
Susan Lived at 20 Alpha Road, Millwall and 15 Butcher Row, Ratcliff, and she also had a bungalow on an island on the River Thames at Hampton opposite Garricks Temple called Westwood. She died at the home of Norman and Marjorie Holt

Children of Percy and Susan
465......Margorie Bessie Brewis b 3 Oct 1905 d 5 Jun 1949 at nursing home, 6 Palewell Park, Est Sheen
466......Kathleen Rose Brewis b 4 Mar 1907 20 Alpha Road, Milwall d 23 Dec 1988 Cottage Hospital, Felixstowe aged 81 m Stanley George UTTERIDGE (b 19 Apr 1910 at 99 Nightingale Rd Hornsey, Mdx d 15 Dec 1983 Cottage Hospital Felixstowe cremated Ipswich 20 Dec 1983) 6 Jun 1936 St Marys Barnes SW13
Note: Witnesses to the wedding were Percy Robert Brewis and George Thomas Utteridge. After the wedding Kathleen placed her bouquet on the grave of her uncle, William Mark Brewis.
There is a family bible now in the hands of Tom Utteridge.

368 William Frederick OLLEY m Nellie EDWARDS 1st qr 1912 St Lukes Milwall

Children of William and Nellie
467......Margaret N Olley b 1st qr 1913 [Poplar 1c 1056]
468......William F Olley b 4th qr 1914 [Poplar 1c 991] m (a) Monica (b) Patricia E R FIRTH 3rd qr 1949 [Dartford 5b 1204]
469......Joan Olley b 4th qr 1916 [Poplar 1c 848]
470......Douglas Olley b 4th qr 1921 [Greenwich 1d 1793] m (a) Dorothy (b) Barbara Evelyn Dorothy
471......Nellie Olley b 2nd qr 1924 [Poplar 1c 309]
472......Anthony Olley b 31 Mar 1926 Poplar d 5 Nov 1927 Poplar
473......Rose Olley b 2nd qr 1929 [Poplar 1c 567]
474......James D Olley b m Joyce Gwendoline 24 Sep 1955

371 Thomas Bertram OLLEY m Nellie SCHULTZ

Child of Thomas and Nellie
475......Barbara Olley dob unknown

372 George Alexander OLLEY m Laura STAPLETON

Child of George and Laura
480......George Alexander Olley b 19 Oct 1922 [Poplar 1c 757] d 1976 m Bobbi (issue 1 child, name unknown)

373 Mildred Jessie OLLEY m William Folds HALL at 8.00am 29 Sep 1915 St Lukes Millwall

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Dr G Rome Hall and William Frederick Olley

Children of William and Mildred
481......Margaret F Hall b 3rd qr 1919 [Richmond 2a 823]
482......William F Hall b 2nd qr 1923 [Richmond 2a 942]
483......George R Hall b 4th qr 1930 [Richmond 2a 888]

401 Edward DYE m Lizzie GOSTLING (b 1933 Sproughton) 1935 Onehouse

Children of Edward and Lizzie
484......Derek Dye b 1936 Nacton d 1936 Nacton
485......Margaret Olive Dye b 1937 Nacton
486......Mary Rosalind Dye b 1946 Eye m Dennis WILLMOT

383 Ethel Ada FEARIS m Percy SHARMAN 3rd qr 1909 [Colchester 4a 1466]

Children of Percy and Ethel
486......Peggy Sharman b 2nd qr 1910 [Colchester 4a 823]
487......Frank C Sharman b 2nd qr 1911 [Colchester 4a 784]
488......Margaret A Sharman b 2nd qr 1912 [Colchester 4a 1518]
489......Charles T Sharman b 4th qr 1913 [Colchester 4a 1547]
490......Florence E Sharman b 4th qr 1916 [Colchester 4a 1375]
491......Douglas W Sharman b 2nd qr 1919 [Colchester 4a 1045]
492......Stanley P Sharman b 2nd qr 1921 [Colchester 4a 1533]
493......Isabell M Sharman b 2nd qr 1923 [Colchester 4a 1452]

388 Hilda Mary GREEN m Percival WADLEY (b 5 Aug 1886 d 3 Jun 1964) 29 Sep 1924 Semer

Child of Percival and Hilds
494......Phyllis Wadley b 27 Jul 1927 m Geoffrey Edwin SLINGSBY

390 Alec George GREEN m Agnes MORPHEW (b 1899 Bildeston d 13 May 1981) 1st Jan 1927

Note Agnes was the daughter of George MORPHEW (b abt 1869)and Maria KNOCK (b 1867 Nedging)

Children of Alec and Agnes
495......Alec C J Green b 1st qr 1941 [Ipswich 4a 2046]
495......Mary Green dob unknown
496......John Green dob unknown

403 Mary Elizabeth STOW m Philip KEEBLE 4th qr 1925 [Cosford 4a 2101]

Children of Philip and Mary
497......John P Keeble b 4th qr 1927 [Samford 4a 1421] m Daohne THURSTON 4th qr 1949 [Samford 4b 1971]
498......David C Keeble b 4th qr 1929 [Cosford 4a 1355] m Doreen BURNS 3rd qr 1953 [Ipswich 4b 2279]
499......Diana M Keeble b 3rd qr 1937 [Samford 4a 1560] m Ivan D BUTCHER 1st qr 1959 [Samford 4b 2393]
500......Paul T Keeble b 1st qr 1940 [Samford 4a 2667] m Colleen E M CLARKE 1st qr 1964 [Sudbury 2747]
501......Sarah E Keeble b 1st qr 1945 [Samford 4a 1527] m Raymond J DYER 3rd qr 1966 [Samford 4b 3164]

404 Dorothy Mabel GREEN m Horace CLARK abt 1931 (See Clark branch here)

Note: Horace's father was a miller at Woodbridge Tide Mill.

Children of Horace and Dorothy Clark
502......John Dudley Clark b 23 Mar 1932 Bury St Edmunds
503......Ann Patricia Clark b 2 Feb 1936, Bury St Edmunds d 15 Feb 2003 Edinburgh

405 Owen Frank Latter GREEN m Mary SAYER (dau of George Augustus and Ellen Maud SAYER , late CHAPMAN , formerly OSMOND b 15 Sep 1911 at Mill Farm, Higham d 7 Jan 1999) 26 Sep 1935 St Thomas Church Earlham Rd, Norwich.

Note: See the SAYER branch here

Children of Owen and Mary
504......David John Green b 14 Jul 1936 Norwich
505......Olive Mary Green b 11 Feb 1938 Norwich
506......Roland Owen Green b 12 May 1947 Norwich

407 Edward Charles GREEN m Evelyn Beryl (Mollie) OLDMAN (b 26 Jul 1909 d 11 Oct 1986 Ipswich Hospital Moseley Ward) 28 Mar 1932 [see Oldman branch]
Mollie OLDMAN was educated at St John's School in Harleston, set up by a Miss Winifred NUTTALL after a request from Mollie's father and a friend who also had a daughter of the same age. The school survived as a private institution until after the 1939-45 war. Mollie was an accomplished musician and taught elocution before she married. She sang in the Ipswich Choral Society and frequently accompanied on the piano.
Later in life she became secretary of the Suffolk Naturalists, and was invited to Buckingham Palace on the strength of this for an afternoon tea (along with hundreds of others) She painted in oils, and you can see a sample of her art here. During the last 11 years of her life she was organist at Playford Church and was heavily involved with the village W.I.. She died of cancer of the uterus.

Edward Charles GREEN was an engineer. As a child at school he enjoyed taking part in amatuer dramatics, and returned to it in Playford in his retirement
At first apprenticed as an engineer in Ipswich he became a draughtsman in Rugby then returning to Ipswich to be a designer in gas and fluid controls. He designed the control systems in the midget submarines which destroyed the German battleship in the Norwegian Fjiords. He was in the Home Guard first as a private, then a sergeant and finally a second liutenant [see photo]. His great interest was bird watching and spotting butterflies, and he loved dogs, although until the fifties he had only cats.

He smoked a pipe, and was hardly ever without it in his hand or mouth - and from the beginning of the war grew and cured his own tobacco. He claimed not to like gardening, but his results were always good, and took most of his spare time. On his retirement he took up oil painting very successfully, commanding a high price by the time of his death from a second heart attack caused by ischaemic heart disease. To see some of his art click here

Children of Edward Charles and Evelyn Beryl (Mollie) Green
507......Richard Green b 25 Sep 1932 Hillmorton, Rugby
508......James Robert Green b 5 Apr 1937 Ipswich
509...... Jennifer Mary Green b 27 Dec 1943 Queenscliffe Cottage, Kesteven Rd Ipswich

412 Ceroline Gertrude GREEN m Walter William MUDD 4th qr 1908 [Bosmere 4a 1929]

Child of Walter and Caroline
510......Robert J Mudd b 2nd qr 1984 [Samford 4a 1984]

419 Lewis Frank SIMPSON m May G MEAKINGS 4th qr 1918 [Ipswich 4a 2229]

Children of Lewis and May
511......Lilian K Simpson b 1st qr 1920 [Ipswich 4a 2428]
512......Donald F Simpson b 4th qr 1924 [Ipswich 4a 1520]

422 Grace Ellen SIMPSON m Stanley W G OVERETT 4th qr 1926 [Bosmere 4a 2287]

Child of Stanley and Grace
513......Molly J Overett b 3rd qr 1928 [Ipswich 4a 1629]

423 Gertrude Lilian SIMPSON m Edward J VINCENT 4th qr 1929 [Woodbridge 4a 2645]

Children of Edward and Gertrude
514......Joan A Vincent b 1st qr 1930 [Woodbridge 4a 1671]
515......Evelyn M Vincent b 1st qr 1932 [Woodbridge 4a 1569]
516......Ruth K Vincent b 3rd qr 1934 [Woodbridge 4a 1573]

424 Maggie Frances M SIMPSON m Stanley W HOLDER 2nd qr 1929 [Ipswich 4a 2262]

Children of Stanley and Maggie
517......Philip K Holder b 3rd qr 1929 [Bosmere 4a 1578]
518......Ronald S Holder b 4th qr 1932 [Bosmere 4a 1411]


440 Minna Kathleen GREEN m George W MANDA (b 25 Aug 1923 d Aug 1926 Kingston Hospital, Kingston, Ulster Co, NY) date unknown

Children of George and Minna
519......Dorothy Pat Manda dob unknown m William McDERMOTT
520......Marilyn Manda dob unknown

441 Evelyn May GREEN m Raymond Odeen GALLAGHER (b 19 Sep 1919 Giant's Glen York County NY d 21 May 1926 Benedictine Hospital Kingston, Ulster Co. NY) 4th qr 1944 Cadnam Methodist Church [New Forest 2b 1707]

Cadnam Methodist Church

Children of Raymond and Evelyn
521......Raymond Odeen Gallagher b 17 Feb 1945 Cadnma, Hampshire UK m Kim Miliru PARKER (b 6 Oct 1957 Benedictine Hospital Kingston, Ulster Co NY)
Dora Aline Elizabeth Gallagher b 13 Jul Benedictine Hospital Kingston, Ulster Co NY d 7 Jan 1993 Benedictine Hospital Kingston, Ulster Co NY
523......Henry Nelson Gallagher b 14 Apr 1951 Benedictine Hospital Kingston, Ulster Co NY
524......Robert Shawn Gallagher b 12 Feb 1963 Benedictine Hospital Kingston, Ulster Co NY

452 Barbara Gwenllian GREEN m Trevor MORGAN (b 1941 d 1993 New Zealand)

Children of Trevor and Barbara
525......Jacqueline Barbara Morgan b 15 Jul 1968
526......Anton Jonathan Morgan b 7 Jul 1969

454 Hilary GREEN m John Anthony HAMMOND (b 1938)

Note: John is the son of Eric Herbert HAMMOND (b 1907 d 1985) and Muriel ARMSTRONG

Children of John and Hilary
527......Geoffrey John Hammond b 1976 Bromley
528......Christopher James Hammond b 1977 Bromley

H62 Madalaine GREEN (a) with Paul LUCAS (b) m Keith E CRAZE (b 1951) Apr 1985 [South Glamorgan 28 919 p485]

Children of Paul and Madalaine
529......Atheen Lucas dob unknown
530......Matthew Lucas dob unknown

Children of Keith and Madalaine
531......Duncan Craze dob unknown
532......Edward Craze dob unknown

456 Christine GREEN m Terry William LANGTON (b 1936)

Children of Terry and Christine
533......James Langton dob unknown
534......Gemma Langton dob unknown

457 Douglas Edwin GREEN m (a) Melanie ANDREWS (b 1962) div 2005 (b) Katherine Ann l'Anson (b 1973 Brisbane) @007

Children of Douglas and Melanie
535......Marcus Paul Douglas Green b 22 May 1986 Southampton
536......Jonathan David Edward Green 22 Mar 1899 Salisbury
537......Emily Jane Margaret Green b 19 Dec 1990 Salisbury
Child of Douglas and Katherine
537a....Benjamin Joshua Green b 21 Jun 2011 Salisbury

L-R Matthew, Jeremy, Dudley, Mary, Robert and Anna seated

502 John Dudley CLARK m Patricia Mary DUCKWORTH (b 1 May 1938)

Children of Dudley and Mary
538......Matthew Fergus Dudley b 30 Apr 1965 m Marion Elizabeth Catherine O'LEARY (b 29 Aug 1962)
539......Robert Anthony b 27 Jul 1968
540......James Jeremy b 29 Apr 1974 m Anna SUTTON (b 1 Mar 1977 Bromsgrove) 18 Jul 2009 Haywards Heath
Note: Jeremy who is a haemophiliac, survived an operation at the age of fourteen months and is something of a miracle

503 Ann Patricia CLARK m David Barry PRIEST (b 25 Jan 1934 Smethwick)

Children of David and Ann
541......Andrew Priest b 21 Mar 1965 m (a)Marlene ZWICKLER (b 17 May 1964 Austria) div 2007 (b) Sarah REEVE 24 Oct 2009
542......Juliet Priest b 21 May 1968

504 David John GREEN m Jane Elizabeth HEWINGS (b 2 Feb 1939 Grove House Nursing home 77 Newmarket Rd Norwich) 3 Sep 1960 Cringleford

Note: See Hewings branch here

Children of David and Jane
543......Robert Owen Green b 6 Feb 1962 Cringleford
544......Martin Richard Green b 6 Mar 1964 Rochford Hospital
545......Timothy David Green b 29 Mar 1965 Rochford Hospital d 31 Oct 1987
546......Sarah Jane Green
b 25 Jul 1970 Ipswich

258 Olive Mary GREEN m Bryce Maurice William LUNN (b 15 Sep 1928 Leicester d 24 Feb 2010 Norwich) 6 Jan 1962 Norwich

Children of Bryce and Olive
547......John Winston Lunn b 11 May 1963 Norwich
548......Hazel Anne Lunn b 19 Aug 1964 Norwich
549......James Spencer Lunn b 16 Sep 1968 Norwich

507 Richard GREEN b 1932 m
Greta Mary DYE (b 13. May 1933 in Chesterfield d 13 Nov 1961 in Sheffield Northern Hospital of cerebral infarction due to a brain aneurysm.) m 29 March 1958 Chesterfield.

Note: Greta was a teacher at Cavendish Primary School, Chesterfield and they lived in a flat in Chesterfield to start with, then at 522 Chatsworth Road with a Mrs Bailey, at Richard's former lodgings, then at their own house at "Birkfield" Gallery Lane, Holymoorside, Chesterfield.
Margaret BLACK b 8 Sept 1935 in Chesterfield m 21 Jun 1963 separated Aug 1981 div 1986.

Note: Margaret was a teacher and they lived in "Birkfield", Gallery Lane, Holymoorside Chesterfield, then at 6 Sewells Close, Newton Flotman, Norwich and finally at 12 Peet Avenue, Ormskirk.

Judith Laura PICKARD neé Pick (b 5 Feb 1937 in Barkby Thorpe, Leicestershire), m 8 Jul 1989 the Greffe, Guernsey.

Note: Judith was a teacher at Guernsey Grammar School. They lived in Guernsey at La Neuve Maison, Rue des Marettes, St Martins and then in Lower House Evenjobb, Presteigne and finally at 1 Clawdd Lane, New Radnor, Presteigne [see Pick Branch]

Note: Richard GREEN worked at first (1950) for ‘bus companies as a scheduler in Northampton and Chesterfield, then in 1953 became a production planner at Chesterfield Tube Investments where he stayed until 1965. He ran a printing business part time from the late 50’s till 1966, and became trained as a chiropodist starting in 1962 which he did part time from 1964 then full time from 1965 in Clay Cross, until 1967 when he went to the NHS as transport manager.
After getting NHS management qualifications he had various administrative jobs starting in Mansfield, then at Attleborough, then Norwich(where he ran a national computer pilot scheme) and Ormskirk where he was District General Administrator for West Lancs. He took early retirement in 1986, [see press cutting]worked for MIND for two years running services for the mentally ill, then went to Guernsey in 1988 where he became Director of Community Services for Guernsey and Alderney in the Channel Isles and concurrently over four and a half years ran the Public Health Dept for Guernsey. He retired in 1995. He was a Fellow of the Association of Medical Records Officers and a member of the Institute of Health Service Managers, qualified by examinations

Children of Richard and Margaret GREEN

550......Andrew Christopher Green b 9 Mar 1967 Chesterfield Royal Hospital
551......Peter James Green b 12 Nov 1971 (Twin 1) Norfolk and Norwich Hospital
552......John Stephen Green b 12 Nov 1971 (Twin 2) Norfolk and Norwich Hospital

508 James Robert GREEN b 5 April 1937 m
a) Jane PLANT in 1960 sep 1968 div 1971
b) Ena SMITH in 1972 div 1980
c) CHANG Ro-Chee 24 Feb 1980 Taiwan

Note: James Robert GREEN started after getting a degree at Magdelane College, Cambridge, by joining United Drapery Stores training scheme for graduates in London, where he worked for 6 years and then went to the Bahamas (Nassau) where he set up and ran a number of hotel souvenir shops until 1976. He returned to the UK in 1981 and became a book dealer: he has shops in Felixtowe and Colchester . You can see the addresses here

Ro Chee studied at the University of Chinese Culture in Taiwan where she became a bachelor of Law and is a professional interpreter of Mandarin Chinese and English - see her card here

Child of James Robert GREEN and Jane PLANT
553......Julie Nicola Green b 1960

Children of James Robert GREEN and Ena SMITH
554......Samantha Sarah Green b 1973
555......Robert Neil Green b 1978

Child of James Robert GREEN and CHANG Ro-Chee [see photo]
556......Robert Nicholas Green b 1983

509 Jennifer Mary GREEN b 27 Dec 1943
with Colin READ 1964
m Roy WHITTAKER 1967 -
m David BALL Saturday 20 Sep 1986 St Giles' Church, Cheddington

Jennifer Mary Ball trained as a nurse, has brought her children up, worked in bookshops in Dunstable and Winchester, and has just retired from the library in Halesworth, Suffolk. She lives in Wissett, a village close to Halesworth and produces the parish newsletter, is Secretary to the PCC and to the WI, as well as being involved in many local social activities. She paints on silk and on tiles - you can see a couple of her tiles here. David is the Parish Clerk for both Spexhall and Wissett

Child of Jennifer Mary GREEN and Colin READ

557......Lindsay Patricia b 20 Jan 1964
Note: Lindsay was adopted

Children of Jennifer Mary and Roy WHITTAKER

558......David Charles Whittaker b 1966
559......Elizabeth Mary Ann (Liz) Whittaker b 1972
Note: Liz inherited the artistic gene and you can see a sample of her early art here

513 Molly J OVERETT m John W F RANSOME 3rd qr 1952 [Ipswich 4b 2080]

Children of John and Molly
560......Susan P Ransome b 1st qr 1954 [Ipswich 4b 1124] m David E WILKINSON 3rd qr 1975 [Ipswich 10 3249]
561......Steven J Ransome b 4th qr 1957 [Ipswich 4b 1198]


522 Dora Aline Elizabeth GALLAGHER m (a) Norman RIDER (b) Lawrence LYNCH

Child of Norman and Dora
562......Shawne Keith Rider b 31 Oct 1966 Benedictine Hospital Kingston, Ulster Co NY

Children of Lawrence and Dora
563......Lawrence Lynch b 11 Sep 1972 Kingston Hospital, Kingston, Ulster Co, NY
564......Casey Lynch b 28 Sep 1974 Kingston Hospital, Kingston, Ulster Co, NY

523 Henry Nelson GALLAGHER m Kathleen Elizabeth FLANIGAN (b 16 Jan 1951 Kingston Hospital, Kingston, Ulster Co, NY
Child of Henry and Kathleen
565......Patrick Michael Gallagher b 21 Feb 1974 Kingston Hospital, Kingston, Ulster Co, NY

524 Robert Shawn GALLAGHER m Laurie Ann WESTER (b 28 Feb 1961 Astoria, Queens)

Children of Robert and Laurie
566......Kelly Erin Gallagher b 19 Jun 1988 Northern Dutchess Hospital, Rhinebeck, Dutchess County NY
567......Colleen Elizabeth Gallagher b 5 Mar 1995 Northern Dutchess Hospital, Rhinebeck, Dutchess County NY

525 Jacqueline Barbara MORGAN m Quinlan Castellano WEBSTER Note: the family lives in Auckland NZ

Children of Quinlan and Jacqueline
568......Joshua Trevor Webster b 12 Jun 1997
569......Benjamin Quinlan Webster b 11 Oct 1999
570......Jacob Morgan Webster b 29 Mar 2002

526 Anton Jonathan MORGAN m Alison Ann MANUEL

Note: the family lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malasia

Children of Anton and Alison

571......River Ezani Morgan (boy) b 12 Apr 2001
572......Kaelen Eshani Morgan (boy) b 9 Nov 2002

539 Robert Anthony CLARK m Louise Ann HEATH (b 10 May 1968)

Child of Robert Anthony and Louise Ann
573......Christopher Edward James Clark b 31 Aug 1998
574......Tara Clark b 15 Jan 2004
575......William Robert Thorpe Clark b 20 Jan 2010 Worthing

542 Juliet PRIEST b 21 May 1968 m Billy NISBETT (b 23 Apr 1969) 17 Jul 1999 Worthing
Children of Billy and Juliet
576......Lily b 3 Aug 2000
577......Alice b 24 Sep 2004

544 Martin Richard GREEN m Nicola PARADINE (b 6 Mar 1968 Barking, now NEEDHAM) 16 Dec 1987 (div 5 Oct 1994)

Children of Martin and Nicola
578......Samuel Timothy Green b 21 Jan 1989 Cambridge
579......Carl Jonathan Green b 13 May 1990 Cambridge
580......Benjamin David Green b 12 Jun 1992 Cambridge

546 Sarah Jane GREEN m Robert Stephen JARMAN (b 16 Dec 1963 Sidcup ) 29 Mar 1993 Bramford

Children of Robert and Sarah
581......Daniel Robert Jarman b 5 Mar 1996 Ipswich Hospital
582......Max Barnaby Jarman b 27 Nov 2000 Ipswich Hospital

547 John Winston LUNN m Heather HAYES (b 30 Jun 1965 Oxford) 6 Jun 1992 Oxford 1992

Children of John and Heather
583......Callum John Lunn b 4 Mar 1997 Cambridge
584......Esme Anne Lunn b 3 May 2000 Chelmsford

548 Hazel Anne LUNN m Kevin HOLOHAN (b 20 Jul 1963 Preston) 9 May 1987 Norwich

Children of Kevin and Hazel
585......Samuel Ryan Holohan b 6 Dec 1998 Milton Keynes (first twin)
586......Ross Damon Holohan b 6 Dec 1998 Milton Keynes (second twin)

549 James Spencer LUNN m Katherine CAIRNS (b 29 Oct 1971 Newcastle) 6 Apr 2002 Duns, Scotland

Child of James and Katherine
587....Cameron Cairns b 10 Nov 2006 Milton Keynes
588....Daniel Joseph Cairns b 30 Sep 2009 Milton Keynes

550 Andrew Christopher GREEN m Helen McCLEOD

Note: Christopher who is a PhD is a research scientist at Porton Down

Children of Andrew Christopher and Helen
589......Emily Green b 1998
590......Samuel Green b 2000

551 Peter GREEN m Gillian STEPHENS (b 5 May 1972 Ormskirk) at Rufford Old Hall 29 Apr 2005

Note: Peter who got a first class degree in electronic engineering manages a testing firm in Pimbo, Skelmersdale. Gill is a project manager for the Cooperative Bank in Skelmersdale

Children of Peter and Gill
591......Jessica Mary Green b 21 Jan 2003 Ormskirk hospital
592......Maximilian James Green b 11 Nov 2005 Ormskirk hospital

552 John Stephen GREEN m Sarah FAIRBROTHER (b 19 Sep 1966) 1995 [see Fairbrother branch here]

Note: John who got a degree at Chester University is now a policeman in Derbyshire and Sarah is a teacher

Children of John and Sarah
593......Benjamin John Green b 25 Jun 1995
594......Georgia Charlotte Green b 2 Nov 2000

553 Julie Nicola GREEN m Roderick MARTIN

Note: Julie is a midwife

Children of Rod and Julie
595......Alexander Stephen Martin b 1989
596......Stephanie Anne Martin b 1992
597......Andrew Martin b Dec 2000

557 Lindsay m Stephen MAYES

Children of Stephen and Lindsay
598......Donna Mayes b Mar 1984
599......Dean Mayes b Aug 1986

558 David Charles WHITTAKER m Ana Louiza VIEIRA 4 May 1996 Buffet du Batel, 183 Al Dom Pedro II, Curitaba, Parand, Brazil

Note: Ana is the daughter of Humberto VIEIRA (d 1995) and Aurea Buchele VIEIRA See the wedding invitation here

Children of David and Ana
600......Camila Whittaker b 28 Jan 1997
601......Nicholas Whittaker b 12 Jun 1999

559 Elizabeth Mary Ann WHITTAKER m Andrew STIFF 2002

Children of Andrew and Elizabeth
602......Josie Margot b 22 May 2003
Note: Josie too has inherited an artistic gene: you can see a Christmas card she made
here aged 5
603......Jemima Pheobe b 15 Jun 2006


565 Patrick Michael GALLAGHER m Melissa Aimee BROWN (b 2 Feb 1974 Kingston Hospital, Kingston, Ulster Co, NY)

Child of Patrick and Melissa
604......Brendan Thomas b 22 Mar 2001

Thanks to Denise Hammond, Kay Stevens and Hilary Hammond for the Semer connection, Keith D Thornborrow and Geoffrey Harris for the information on the Canadian part of the family , Olive Lunn and Roland Green for the descendants of Owen Green, Roland again for finding Joseph of Nayland and his marriage in 1766, Mary Clark for the descendants of Dorothy Green, Mary Willmot for the Dye descendancy from Ann Green and Rita Barfield for the Wright family connection, Lucie Brewis for her descent from Susan Bessie Olley and Lauren Thompson for the names with a "H" prefix to the reference no, as well as to Quin and Jacqui Webster for putting me right on their son Jacob's birthday. Also to Y 26David Wilkinson for the "Y" sequence of people. Will Ward, County information Officer for Dorset and the New Forest also contributed information about H31 Henry Rebbeck Green, as well as Peter Scott who helped with the Polstead connection and 457 Douglas Green for his family details.
You can contact Keith , Olive Mary Rita Denise and Hilary

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