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Note: The earliest reference I have found to FRARY is Rogerus FRARY and his wife Juliana (Roger was a farmer) who were taxed at 3s 0d and Johannes FRARY , a servant who was taxed at 4d in 1381 in Suffolk. [unfortunately the village is unknown]. However, it is clear that Frary is a Norfolk name, and research is continuing


Note: The Frary family were blacksmiths for at least three generations, and had a house just to the north of Swan Score

1 Nicho FRARY m Alicia

Child of Nicho and Alicia
William Frary bap 3 Nov 1605 Dilham, Norfolk
Note: This entry for 2 William is in some doubt because of his age of 19 at marriage. Most marriages af the day were several years later.

A Robert Frary (along with seven other men) was fined 6s. 8d. at the Lowestoft leet court of 1618 for playing "illegal games" in the alehouse. This almost certainly refers to gambling, with cards, dice, shove-ha'penny or skittles being the likely activities.


Lowestoft was a royalist town, but not particularly strongly so - its defences consisted of a rope across High Street and a cannon which was unloaded. Not very frightening for Oliver Cromwell! He arrested the official defence

2 William FRARY m (a) Alice BOLLARD 12 Sep 1625 Lowestoft (b) Elizabeth BARAFAR 18 May 1627 Lowestoft

Note:These were my eight times great grandparents.

A Margaret BARAFAR is recorded as marrying William RAILTON in Lowestoft in 1615 - probably a sister to Elizabeth

When Oliver Cromwell went to Lowestoft in March 1643 to thwart a royalist arms shipment he stayed overnight at the Swan Inn - next door to William Frary, separated only by Swan Score entrance.. Cromwell's troops may well have been requisitioning various things and William as taking no chances - he hid his horse in the parlour of his house!

Child of William and Alice
3......Alice Frary b 1626 Lowestoft d 1626 Lowestoft

Children of William and Elizabeth
4......Ralfe Frary bap 26 Feb 1628 Lowestoft bur 27 Mar 1628 Lowestoft
5......Elizabeth Frary bap 6 Dec 1629 Lowestoft
6......Margaret Frary bap 12 May 1632 Lowestoft bur 12 May 1632 Lowestoft
7......Ann Frary bap 14 Jul 1633 Lowestoft
8......Margaret Frary bap 11 Oct 1635 Lowestoft
9......William Frary bap 11 Feb 1638 Lowestoft
10....Susan Frary bap 20 Feb 1643 Lowestoft m John PEAKE 21 Apr 1664 Lowestoft
11....Rebecca Frary bap 20 Feb 1643 Lowestoft (See Mewse branch


9 William FRARY m Alice

Note: William was a blacksmith. working next to the old lighthouse. When it was demolished, the site was conveyed to William

Children of William and Alice
12......Thomas Frary bap 15 May 1664 Lowestoft
13......John bap 25 Oct 1667 Frary Lowestoft bur 10 Nov 1667 Lowestoft
14......Alice bap 4 May 1669 Frary Lowestoft
15......Elizabeth bap 23 May 1675 Frary Lowestoft
16......John Frary bap 22 Sep 1672 Lowestoft
17......Alice Frary bap 18 May 1679 Lowestoft


12 Thomas FRARY m Dorothy FULCHER 23 Jan 1693 Lowestoft

Children of Thomas and Dorothy
18......Will Frary bap 6 Dec 1694 Lowestoft
19......Thomas Frary bap 13 Jun 1700 Lowestoft
20......Susannah Frary bap 7 Aug 1701 Lowestoft

16 John FRARY m Elizabeth ARNOLD 24 Jun 1698 Lowestoft

Children of John and Elizabeth
21......Elizabeth Frary bap 9 Jul 1699 Lowestoft
22......William Frary bap 28 May 1703 Lowestoft
23......Ales Frary bap 17 Feb 1706 Lowestoft
24......Susannah Frary bap 12 Nov 1708 Lowestoft
25......Margaret Frary bap 2 Sep 1711 Lowestoft
26......Susannah bap 13 May 1714 Lowestoft
27......John bap 7 Jul 1717 Lowestoft


18 William FRARY m Anne

Child of William and Anne
28......Elizabeth Frary bap 11 Jul 1731 Lowestoft

23 Alice FRARY m Edmund GILLINGWATER 30 Jun 1729 Lowestoft

Note: both parties were single and "of this parish"

Children of Edmund and Alice
29......Edmund Gillingwater bap 17 Oct 1730 Lowestoft bur 7 Nov 1734 Lowestoft
30......Isaac Gillingwater bap 14 Apr 1732 Lowestoft d 14 May 1813 Lowestoft m Mary BALLS 10 Jun 1765 Bungay
Note: Isaac was a barber and peruke maker (wig maker) and it is possible that this had been his father's occupation as well as that of his brother Edmund. Keen and talented historians, he produced a three volume manuscript history of Lowestoft and Lothingland [NRO 193/1/1, 2 and 3] and a collection of accompanying illustrations [NRO 193/2/1] Perhaps being a barber with plenty of opportunity for chat with his customers lent a great deal of contemporary information to his work.
31......John Gillingwater bap 30 Sep 1735 Lowestoft bur 25 Dec 1735 Lowestoft
32......Edmund Frary bap 29 Dec 1736 Lowestoft d 13 Mar 1813 Harleston m Mary BOND
Note: Edmund was a barber and peruke maker (wig maker) and it is possible that this had been his father's occupation as well as that of his brother Isaac. Almost certainly drawing on his brothers work he published "An historical account of the Ancient Town of Lowestoft" in 1790
33......Alice Gillingwater bap 21 Jun 1739 Lowestoft
34......William Gillingwater bap 17 Jan 1742 Lowestoft 21 Feb 1742 Lowestoft

25 Margaret FRARY m William BULL (b 1640 bur Jan 1739) 2 May 1734 Lowestoft
Note: This is one of the possibilities for the Mrs Bull who worked for Lowestoft Porcelain. See the item here. See also the marriage bond here William was an innkeeper who also had a carter's business and was the son of William BULL and Margaret ANNISON

A marriage bond was given to the court by the intended groom prior to his marriage. It affirmed that there was no moral or legal reason why the couple could not be married and it also affirmed that the groom would not change his mind. If he did, and did not marry the intended bride, he would forfeit the bond. The bondsman, or surety, was often a brother or uncle to the bride, not necessarily a parent. The bondsman could also be related to the groom, or even be a neighbor or friend, but those situations occurred less often.

Children of William and Margaret
35......Margaret Bull b 1735 Lowestoft
36......William Bull b 1737 Lowestoft
37......Margaret Bull b 1739 Lowestoft
38......Sarah Bull b 1742 Lowestoft
39......Frances Bull b 1751 Lowestoft
40......John Bull b 1748 Lowestoft
41......Mary Bull b 1748 Lowestoft
42......Rebecca Bull b 1744 Lowestoft

Many thanks to David Butcher for information about the Gillingwater connection and about Cromwell's visit in 1643

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